16.11.15 – Final week

I’m in the last week of this unit now! I can’t believe how quickly its gone.
After much consideration I’ve decided to do a mixture between narrative and poster for my final piece. I began aiming to do a 3D poster or shadow box inspired by Joseph Cornell based on the St Martins Church in Canterbury. I liked the whole love story behind it – how the King re-built it for his Queen and the churches importance. However I felt like this was hard to represent with just imagery alone , even with a small amount of text it wasn’t going to have a message. I worked quite hard to decode the Prioresses tale so reverted back to that. I felt it was also quite fitting to the current situation in Paris – its a portrayl of how religion effects people and how people lose their lives to differences in beliefs. Another pro was that Chaucer’s poems are fiction and the relation in my head of pairing it with surrealism, as  well as it being heavily based on religion, just like something out of Joseph Cornell’s head.
I tried today to stay in uni as much as I could, only leaving for food and for purposes related to the project. My engagement with the course hasn’t been 100% though I have more then others. Being at uca for a few years I seem to be repeating myself, as well as having a difficult home life at times, it has effected my studies occasionally. Other times I can plough through it, its not been awful recently but sometimes I don’t feel in the mood or I feel tired. I’ve tried not to leave so often as well but I also like to work at home on my tab and be in my own environment. I can’t always tell when I work best it just depends on my mood. I’ve tried harder to speak to tutors and get tutorial help and today Richard really helped me define that my poster may not be am ordinary conventional poster but it has poster like qualities. It just needs to have a jist – I’m an illustrator, I suppose unless I’m illustrating a book or demonstrating something I don’t really need to have a message.
Unfortunately I feel like maybe my final outcome won’t be as to how I hoped but I suppose as it’s my first unit on degree I can’t expect too much , especially being off for so long and adjusting into my surroundings. I just regret that it’s such a perfect project for me in terms of topic and the potential for stylization! I have to work with what I have now though, I want to start a fresh next project. Onwards and upwards I guess.

02.11.15 – I got nothing done

Last week as umm.. de-motivational.

Monday started off pretty well, We discussed in our groups our outcomes for the map task. Although the story wasn’t clear, my tutor liked how it was stylized and automatically said it was inspired by Baz Luhrmann. I think maybe the way I had set it out was a bit complicated but I suppose my time frame wasn’t great to really have the chance to think about it properly, I guess that’s the great thing about doing these tasks weekly so then I know I can do it properly and what went wrong the first time if I were to choose it for the final exhibition. Hugh also liked that I thought about how the overall book would be a concertina and how it’d all flow nicely together, he suggested I should keep it in mind for the next task.

With that idea in my head I thought I’d illustrate the Prioress’ Tale for the next piece. Its one that I’ve not seen visually myself so I thought it’d be almost like starting a fresh and just creating it from mind. However when It got to it we were pretty much forced to do a fanzine (as if I hadn’t had enough of fanzine’s last year with the fanzine fair that I felt was a total flop as well as being unhappy in my home life) in a particular format that wasn’t a concertina like I’d planned and discussed with Hugh. I just didn’t like the way we were pretty much forced to create a narrative this way when the subject was so broad in comparison to a map? Why restrict us now? What happened to the freedom the course gave us before? I just felt it was unnecessary so I planned out the storyboard like a graphic novel within my sketchbook and not in the layout I was told, keeping it in mind even if I didn’t do a proper outcome I still had my main drawings to refer to if I were to do this as my piece for the exhibition and switch it back to my main idea. I don’t regret doing it this way as I realised how much I could condense the story with it still making sense. Having it drawn out first has actually helped with my mock for this piece as I can just take the quick drawings I drew, select the few I think are needed and then edit it all together in Photoshop to make the outcome that was required (even though I didn’t want to do it that way). I still need to make it but I’m not in a major rush here. Plus the amount of time it took me to do the Knights tale wasn’t worth the stress for something I can develop later on, I was too quick to jump on making it look presentable when really it wasn’t necessary and took me about 4 days on and off. I was really looking forward to making a comic strip this week though because it would have just made more sense narrative wise in comparison to last week, but it wouldn’t have fit in the format they asked for. I have it for later though I guess. I know when I have a client I can’t just go and not do what they ask but I felt here I was just so restricted and it was so unnecessary to the brief, it wasn’t going to help me think creatively or have an outcome I was proud of and that’s quite important to me (sorry guys). I’m still going to do a mock for that outcome as i’ve said but i’ve planned it in a way so I can change it if i need; which is the best of both worlds really.

I also never got round to doing the mock for the task as I’ve had to prioritize the essay as well as now do this power point task, which I did as much of as I could today but as I haven’t done all of my thematic tasks yet I can’t entirely. I feel like this week I may need to just push some things aside so they get done. I was on point with the essay, but last week I searched for HOURS for the THIRD and FINAL piece to talk about and I just can’t. Everything I know and can talk about is too similar and involves Comics and Video Games (which both I’ve already covered with my other two examples) – so tonight i’ve got to search to still really be on time with it. Wish me luck!