18/05/2016 – Chicago Betty

Tada! It’s done.

I’ve been focused on this mainly since my last blog, my mind was sort of boggled but I was also on a deadline to have this film finished by tomorrow for the show. I kept with the same colour scheme as I have been throughout the project, I’m sure I’ve fallen in love with it. Its also very diverse with shades and is easy for photoshop overlays that create the textures.

I think visually, not colour scheme wise, my main inspiration was the animation/cut scenes/cinematics of Alice: Madness Returns that I’d linked very early on in the project. It was replicated with the puppetry we had gone through with Kat in the aftereffects workshops. From what I remember of them too, they are also textured to look like paper. My main look was to re-create the dark lines and textures. The combination of the colours and the visual style are my best attempt to create something as awesome as Laurie Simmons Kaleidoscope house. I tried to be as accurate with Betty’s proportions to a humans, that wasn’t entirely possible with Photoshop and resizing the separate body parts but I do think overall the dolls (Betty and her friends) look similar to Simmons dressed up humans too – their faces are very round and big. I changed my mind in doing the collaged approach to animating like the 2 day workshop before – I think I just wanted her to be able to have more movement and different limb points for comical effect. I think she also looks more like a doll now too whereas photos were (obviously) more human like.

Throughout the film there are nods to 20’s culture, particularly in clothing style as well as patterns. I added things like the car and the radio because both things became more popular within this time frame and were a common part of family life. My other cultural reference was the fact that Betty and her friends were exactly the same just a different colour – I wanted to make fun of the fact a lot of people just replicated each other within culture. I’m not entirely sure if people will understand these references without context but I know that at least visually/aesthetically the film represents the 20’s.

I had intended to do a voiceover for the film – I still could as a test when re-fining my work before hand in. But after a tutorial with Leah last Thursday, she suggested I just do subtitles and use sound effects/music. I felt like this would be a better choice for me because who actually likes the sound of their own voice? no one.

I managed to pull myself together after the issues with technology. I sorted out my laptop and it began working properly with all the adobe stuff too. I think just by pure luck I managed to get everything right by sizing and image quality and the film turned out great – and most importantly not pixelated!

I had a look at old advertising too, a lot of them were so creepy! It re-affirmed that dolls were used as a trick, making girls expect to become these dolls in later life. All the dolls got a lot of compliments and were hyped up with jingles or poems etc. It also showed what companies were popular at that point in time, and I tried to include that within my advert. I could have worked on a brand more really, and would go over that if I were going to do this again.

I still have no idea how to lay out or present my research and things, I might just have to grab a folder and put loose bits inside and then just include all my sketchbooks and stuff. Hopefully when I start to do it pieces might fit together.


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