14/09/16 – Back at it again with the University thing


I am excited! I love working, and I’ve technically been off since April because of the death of my mother and haven’t had a proper lesson since then either. The summer has been bizarre, I’ve stuggled with grief but I’ve also quit my job and joined a band and just done things that made me happy. It’s time to get back to my one true passion though and start my career as an illustrator.

For this years summer project we’ve been given the topic of Strange and Familiar, one or the other or both. I’ve selected both anyway, I found it hard to not combine the two. We were asked to choose an event, culture or person to research and decide what about them/it makes them strange or familiar. After going through a dozen topics I finally selected Star Wars – the sci-fi fantasy pop cultural phenomenon. I wanted to pic something that wasn’t anything too serious but also was based along the Pop Culture lines as that’s something I’ve loved working with in the past.

Star Wars has familiarity in the sense that its influences belong to nearly everything we know – History, Religion, Films and Myths. An array of documentaries, as well as general observation prove this. Its strange is what we don’t know – to me that was what Star Wars was for the people involved. As my main source of primary research I read “Wishful Drinking” by Carrie Fisher, showing me that her experience of Star Wars is mainly a pain in the arse.

Here is my booklet:

I also added a few internet memes, purely because I think the inside jokes of the fandom is what makes Star Wars a bigger experience for the world. I included some concept art because I just find things like that fascinating.

That’s pretty much it for now – which sucks because I JUST WANT TO GO BACK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.


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