12/12/16 –

Last Monday I finally managed to sit down and do a few drawings of Romany People. I had a few backgrounds ready from when we did the painting workshop last week. I felt like it would be good for me to work on top of some grounds because I’m used to textures when I collage, and I just wanted to make myself enjoy drawing as much as possible… because I don’t.

On Tuesday we did a collaging workshop, traditional collage, like cutting out with paper and the sticky sticky and everything else. I actually found this extremely difficult?!?!? I went in that day feeling super optimistic because it was something that I know and enjoy working with but with it not being in Photoshop my mind was completely blown. Visually a lot of what I did just sucked to me, but I did do one collage based on colour schemes id picked up from my reference images which worked really well. I was also finding images of old paintings in magazines, mainly with farming/community old times with hay/groups from little country villages kind of themes. Even though they’re loosely relating to Romany Culture I’m kind of creating characters and overall stories.

The past couple of Wednesday’s I’ve been involved in storyboarding workshops. I found these really useful because I think I’m heading towards a more comic book based outcome right now, mainly because it’s something I really just want to create as I used too when I was younger. Just to see how I’ve developed in style and understanding since then would be ace. We’ve learnt about things such as the 180 rule and the rule of 3rds and 4ths, in order to make the frame more understandable and story clear. I can’t wait to put this into practise.

Thursday we were asked to present a teaser and synopsis for our stories, and show our current work.

My Teaser:

Mayor’s wife gets more then she bargains for when her husband buys out a creepy, abandoned, religious themed amusement park from the 60’s.

And Synopsis:

Holy Land USA, the abandoned theme park previously based on the faithful, was once a booming success in Waterbury, Connecticut, during the 60’s. When the land went up for sale in 2013, hesitant Mayor Neil O’Leary brought the land as a project for his religious wife, Darcy. Knowing the park was previously a crime scene in the Chloe Ottman murder in 2010, Darcy was desperate to renovate the park and open it to the public once more. During the re-build of the attractions famous chapel, a group of Romani Travellers charge through the gates and demand the new owners move off of their land. Confused at the threats, Darcy begins to research into the parks history. This reveals that the parks creator John Greco took the land off the traveller’s ancestors in the 50’s, forcing the previous inhabitants into slavery. Angry over their past the travellers continue to return again and again, and over time strange and horrifying things start happening on site. When the parks newly acquainted Priest is murdered opening day, the O’Leary’s are eager to pin it on their aggressive intruders, but an anonymous tip off suggests the violence is being caused by somebody – or something – else.     

I’m just kind of really chuffed with myself for creating a complex, actually AHS type concept that seems believable and is based on research – even though to my mind it’s unfinished. However we discussed that because the overall story is complex I may have difficulty in illustrating the whole thing – which I think in reality I don’t think I necessarily want too. I think my two points of interest right now are when the travellers charge in and threaten the O’Neil’s for their land. I was thinking it could be a cool flash back-y type of thing – the flashbacks done in dull tones or black and white and switching between the characters of modern time as they discuss it. Or when Darcy finds the priest re-opening morning, who I think is going to be her son too. This way I only have to imagine a certain set of characters and can focus on small parts. John said it’d be good to focus on episodes. I want to spend as much time as possible on character design and development, so I think maybe focusing on a small part such as these is the best way to go. I’m not even 100% fussed if I don’t finish it, I just want to see how it goes. I’d also like to maybe create promo stuff as if it were a season of AHS, posters and things. I think I’ve definitely decided Sarah Paulson is Starring role/face base as Darcy, and Finn Wittrock is going to be the son/Priest I haven’t named yet. Lily Rabe is probably also going to be the head of the modern day travellers.

Later on I decided to go back to collage but in the best way I know how. I tried to work with the same colour scheme from the workshop as well as relate the imagery together, I’m not sure if I want to carry on with this because I think I want to work on characters now I know my plot. The next few weeks are going to be a busy one so I’m going to see how things go from here. Hopefully things wont be so hectic after Christmas and I can actually just do some work!!




04/12/16 – American Horror Story…

Two weeks have flown by!

Last week we didn’t have any lessons prepared for us as John was in Amsterdam. That Tuesday we went on a (very cold) trip to Hastings! Not really for any reason, but we wouldn’t have done anything else so it was a laugh. We stood on the pier and took stupid selfies and things – it was nice to just spend some time as a class and see our friends in the graphics course as well.

The day after I had a sign up workshop in Aftereffects – it was just meant to be a bit or refresher as well as a chance to learn something new. It slightly annoys me how whenever I’m with a tutor Ae works to perfection but when I’m on my own it hates me. (I’ll put my sheets and final outcome for the workshop in whatever I present for the DYP unit. I don’t want to put the video on my youtube channel as it’s just a test and not as “professional” as my other videos)

Because John wasn’t around, Hugh booked our class a workshop in lazer cutting/Illustrator – unfortunately we couldn’t actually lazer cut because the guy wasn’t in. It was cool to play with Illustrator a bit though.

Throughout last week John set us the task of creating a 4 panel comic strip based on something we’d like to work on for this unit, as well as an A1 image of what we were working on. I didn’t manage to have the time for the A1 image but I did quickly collage a comic strip, At this point I was still looking to work with music (Spoilers, I think I’ve changed my mind). My strip implies that Oasis stole Wonderwall from somewhere else – based on the idea of taking something that hasn’t happened and making it true.

Without really thinking, colour wise I was sort of inspired by Parkas and the kind of colours used in the style of Oasis members and fans. I remember my mum telling me when she went to go and see Beady Eye (Liam’s other band) that one of the things she loved about it was that everyone there was wearing the same kind of styles Liam wore when he was in Oasis in the 1990’s. Its probably just something in the back of my head.

I also used last week to get a couple of bits done for the band – we decided to sell merchandise at our show. I managed to get some sleeves for our demos done printed off at the print bureau – I spent most of the week cutting them out and sticking them together, putting them in sleeves along with business cards for myself as an artist and also the band. We had a bit of trouble with the business cards because our email got changed by the site we do our email with, along with the type on my business cards being too small. However, It was cool to see both lots in person, and seeing the different designs of mine made me realise I’d just rather use my Manson ones. We also got some T-Shirt’s silkscreened by a relative in the business! Its so surreal to see your art on a bands merchandise, even when it’s your own!


Last Tuesday we reviewed our panels and discussed where our project was at. A lot of us were loosely looking at things but weren’t really committing. We then spent the day doing a drawing workshop (and animation workshop but I was enjoying the drawing one more so I skipped it) using Gouache and whatever else we saw fit after it had dried. At that point in time I was really feeling just continuing on with the Manson project, so I created work about him. It was nice because I don’t often draw, so I really wanted to focus on a subject I enjoyed:

However, I felt like I wasn’t challenging a story to its full potential, I’d have the narrative handed to me with the autobiography and that wasn’t really allowing my imagination to stretch. I was looking forward to this unit because I am quite imaginative and know I can push some interesting stories out. So I started to look through some ideas on what I would do if I were to write/pitch another season of American Horror Story. In the beginning it was just sort of testing out an idea, I still have music to fall back on if I’d like too. I thought it would be a cool thing to try because I sort of have all the characters ready made, face wise anyway, because each season the cast is the same as the last. It was nice to think about what actors would play who once I had found a subject to research. The seasons really amaze me though because they’re so well researched and thought out, they’re historically accurate but also include main conventions of horror.

The subject I’m looking at right now is Romani Gypsies. Before the most recent season, AHS had kept the topic completely under wraps unlike previous seasons where they would tell us the topic. I found some fan ideas on what they hoped Roanoke would be, someone suggested Gypsies. I looking to find a group of people to research about because most seasons are based on groups in history; for example we’ve had witches, the lost colony of Roanoke and patients in an asylum. I started looking at this and general Romani culture, knowing a little bit about it because of that programme My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding that used to be on. I then combined this with another season idea of a haunted theme park. So I now have a rough idea of place and characters. I then further researched abandoned theme parks, where I found out about this faith based park called “Holy Land”. It was a park around within the 60’s and 70’s, founded by a guy called John Greco. Greco created small replicas of biblical places using plywood, fibre glass and plaster. Greco then passed away and the land was given to some nuns, the land has now been sold just recently (2013) for 350 thousand. Awkwardly its got a horror back story already as a teen was murdered on the site in 2010. I love this already because it’s religious and you all know I love me some religion. But I do need to do some further research on the topics I’ve looked at. Once I’ve researched I’d love to get some drawings done.

Thursday we had another lecture, which I absolutely love because a lot of the things I learnt in GCSE media are coming back to me. That was nearly 4 years ago and how come I remember things like “Conventions of Horror” – why would I need to use that now?? … I mean clearly I need to use it now, but I didn’t think that would come back into my life at all. Its nice too because John’s engaging us in new ways so we actually understand visual theory this year!

I got my grade back for the last unit at some point last week as well, I’m very happy to say I got a B in both parts of the unit! and I was 2-4 marks of an A on each one!? That’s pretty insane.

Now I’m recovering from our first ever gig on Friday night, soon I’ll get right back to researching and drawing! I’m really excited to look into this subject deeper.