31/03/17 – Getting started

Last Thursday saw me attempting to work but not really getting there – I did however, manage to use my previous work based on Maz and put it in a “shop” context. During the week I started to research into the space I wanted my shop to be in, looking at this site called ‘appearhere.com”. Its a site run for pop-up shops, just giving details about the space as well as in depth images of the shop. I couldn’t find too many in Camden but I found a couple in Shoreditch and also a couple in Marylebone. Since playing in Shoreditch last Saturday, I’ve noticed how much of an appropriate area it is considering its full of music venues. I spent Saturday night playing there and then also Sunday going to a gig there for my anniversary with James. It’s a great place for a Pop up shop! I’d been there before too, when on a trip with uni in my foundation year and there’s a whole row of pop up places. The spaces I scouted out are in my sketchbook, and I’ve even drawn on top of them and annotated what I’d do with the space.

Tuesday we had a group crit. I loved the group crits last year because it sort of gets my head together weekly and helps generate ideas. This was also good for me because I have a lot of ideas but I’m struggling to them out of my head. The others suggested I make a brochure for my pop up, make a T-shirt, and do a larger scale drawing. I set work to these right away that day, after putting my scouted out spaces in my sketchbook, starting with the T-shirt design:

I’m hoping on Tuesday to get this sorted with John in order to screen print it. I’d have to do it after the easter break though, which is fine really because then I can sort out how to present my ideas during easter. The tee would count as the 3D presented part of this unit. I spent quite a while getting this idea together! It was just an example piece really so I didn’t bother making my own type, and downloaded one off daFont.com. Luckily it has a comical subject so the font was easy to find – I specifically picked a cheesy Halloween font – and easy to manipulate into the clumps of words it is in the T-shirt. Its also a lot easier to read, in comparison to other gothic fonts which are overly detailed and all bitty.

I spent the whole of Wednesday working on more posters for the Attic, setting the day aside to get my DYP unit done. The posters are still pretty easy for me to do, I’m enjoying working based on the event and trying to apply type to the type already used in logos. They added a few more posters for me to do though, which hit me in the gut a little. I just hope I can get enough done to pass as my DYP unit (along with all the other bits I’m doing for it). What I like about these posters is that I can just use a textured background to make it look more professional! It’s odd that a bit of texture would do that really, in comparison to block colour.

I did another one too but we’re currently chasing the bands up for logos.

I came in on Thursday for the follow up of my ceramics workshop! I had a plan for the day, I was going to “edit” my tiles I’d done the workshop before, by adding more colour to them, and then paint my small heads (Only 5 showed up though from the kiln, which is convenient, any less and I wouldn’t have been happy) white so I could get them in to photoshop and then into mad mapper. The plan for the afternoon, after dissertation tutorials with John, was to do a larger scale drawing of Maz.

Here are my tiles before and after glazing, I almost prefer the glazed colour! Its my Aesthetic…


Here are my painted heads…

and here’s the start to my portrait of Maz! I’m hoping to complete him next Monday 🙂

During my dissertation talks I also spoke to John about my ideas, Documentary Innovation – the idea that the way we present information is becoming new and more exciting. And Sound and Identity – The idea that is it the sound that identifies a band or the visuals. Thing is, we brought up a lot of interesting points but the two subjects sort of rolled into one and now I’m not sure what my dissertation is about, however, I’m happy I know I have a broad subject at least…

Next week, my plan is to finish Maz, get my t-shirt design up to screen printing and get the screen done, maybe possibly screen print and sort out my ceramic heads and get them into Photoshop! As well as get all my stuff into my sketchbooks…


22/03/17 – Workshops life

Time is definatley getting on top of me currently!

My first workshop of last week was on a program called Mad Mapper. It’s amazing! It’s like Photoshop but easier and not Adobe! (So it actually works…) Mad mapper allows you to use shapes to project onto objects. Connected to a projector, you can use your computer to move the shapes to match whatever you’re projecting on and it layers, so some images will project onto objects in the background but not show what the image is on objects in the foreground etc. We were asked to build a set out of paper and used it as if it were a building or something, which is what commonly Mad Mapper is used for. I used my videos from after effects in the week before, as well as using other things from my groups work. my favorite thing about mad mapper is being able to change the colours in an image, it creates something really bizarrely immersive, even if its terrifying. In the future I wouldn’t mind using Mad Mapper to project onto something in my “pop up shop” maybe on some mannequins or on a wall. Using images relating to Manson in some way.

During the workshop, Kat suggested that the best way to go about the project is to make some mind maps. So that night I did. I spent a lot of Monday/Tuesday getting my head together really.

As I was getting my head together Tuesday, John came round to give tutorials. We sat for a long time talking about how I can make my idea different from whats already been done. He suggested a few artists for me to continue looking at too – including Kenneth Anger again (who is a delight, for reals) and a fashion illustrator called Julie Verhoeven. After this Tuesday (yesterday) I’m quite interested in her work and the way she draws. Drawing is still a chore for me! I’m happy to use her strong, sometimes coloured outlines, and then to colour in sections of my piece in other colours. It works really well with my subject matter too! I’ll talk more about that in a minute. The suggestion from John was to watch some Manson videos and then list off the things that pop into mind as well as relate to the imagery. For example, John and I watched Tainted Love – looking at the imagery we associated Manson with High School Stereotypes (Jocks, Cheerleaders, Libarians) and the idea of sacrifice, animals and identity (The girls in the room with the bunny heads – who also relate to playboy I suppose). This was the springboard into making work.

Over the weekend I went to Brussels again to visit my best friend as a suprise for her birthday! Because of this I spent a lot of my time rush arranging insurance and euros and everything else. However, I also got commissioned by two people within the SAME HOUR, which was a bit of a miracle considering I’d never been commissioned before ever. My friend Karl in a band (my band are good friends with) called Hair Trigger asked me to do their logo for them. Which is amazing and a total honour! Initially they asked me just to create the revolver shape, but then we progressed further into the type. I couldn’t promise anything but I just started playing around in Photoshop and came up with this! Karl was skeptical at first but then it grew on him. Which was a lot of luck really, as my type is totally not up to scratch. I’m so chuffed with the way it looks, and think it describes them so well!


Our friends at the Attic have also commissioned me to do 11 (I know, it seems like a lot but it’s pretty easy to cope with in terms of time management) for events they’re doing over the next few months. It’s really fun for me to discover new local bands this way and think about what imagery or type would work for them. Here are the 3 I have done so far:

So this was literally what most of my week was taken up by, yesterday was my first chance to actually work on Spatial Practices! I spent the whole day drawing in the style of Julie Verhoeven and actually enjoyed it. What I loved was using sharpies and pencils together to create texture and atmosphere. John also let me photocopy some of my work and use it on the projector. I enjoyed making weird videos of it using snapchat filters. Something quite common in the 90’s was  in the style of using a fish eye lense to warp some of Mansons photos and videos so that’s what I tried to replicate yesterday. I went to see Taking Back Sunday with James a few weeks ago, we’d gone specifically to see the support act. As we ended up on the highest balcony I had a lot of fun taking videos and not really focusing on the performance – just on how I could translate their visuals.

Last Thursday I also took part in a ceramics workshop! It was interesting anyway! First we painted tiles, I did a portrait of Manson’s face – trying to layer the colours of the tile paint. It was quite difficult because you can’t always tell if the paints working/layering until the tiles been in the kiln. After lunch we were let loose with the clay and could just make whatever we wanted. I found it really hard to come up with something. Tina the technician came round earlier in the day to show us how to make little people out of a ball of clay and our thumbs, so I did that. I thought once they were in the kiln I could paint on them different characters from Manson’s life. They could be cute little ornaments for my pop up shop! I molded them and then tried to adapt the shapes with a knife to make them more refined. I wasn’t too obsessed with accuracy really, I thought the paint would distinguish theme more!

For now I’m doing as much work as I can, tonight I have band practice as on Saturday it’s our second London gig in Shoreditch! Then the day after is my anniversary. Next weekend I’m also at a wedding so it’s pretty busy for me right now. I’m just hoping along with my comissions I can get my shit together…




12/03/17 – Spatial Practices

So a few weeks have passed, apologies for the off updating. The first weekend back we had our first ever London gig and then this week has been pretty insane too time wise.

Tuesday the 28th saw us briefed on our new, and final unit for year 2 ( 😦 I don’t want to graduate yet 😦 ) called Spatial Practices: Narrative Spaces. This is a combination brief between us (IA) and Graphic Design – divided into 5/6 separate other briefs. We were asked to pick one of the 5/6 and are asked to work with that for the rest of the unit. I had a hard time choosing between:

  • Branding Experience: A pop up shop for a “brand” of our choice, in a city of our choice. We are asked to create the shop, its signage and merchandising etc.
  • The UCA final show (for this year) catalog – Editing and trying to represent both courses as well as possible.
  • Illumination/Literature Live: A piece of work – inside or outside – as to be used in the Whitstable Biennale. Specifically an animation but its based on something from literature.

I read all the briefs carefully, and had to think about my own work when considering which project to take part in. I chose branding experience in the end because I felt like it would be a challenge for me. It (like most of the other briefs really) was pretty Graphic Design based but for some reason in my head it resignated in terms of my previous work. I could also relate it to myself and my practise, a lot of Bands do pop up shops around London so I thought it was a good way of creating something I was interested in. Also I got to pick the place the shop was in – all the other briefs are for specific places such as Margate, Canterbury and Whitstable which I have done SEVERAL briefs on in the past. Also merchandising is sort of my forte, especially when it comes to bands so it just means again I can do something I enjoy.

Later on that day we did our first workshop for this unit, which split us into groups of a mixture of GD and IA. I was the only student in mine from IA. It was a bizarre experience – the week before when I had a DYP tutorial with John he said about a list of words and how our previous work related to some of them. Keeping that in mind, when the Graphics students decided to create work from scratch out of some of the words on the list (ours were: Sea, Monsters and Angles??) I felt like I was a bit out of the loop. I rolled with it however and decided to do what my understanding of it was later (I’ll show that in a minute) Then with those words we were to create an installation in certain areas of the GD block. All of them turned out quite narrative really which surprised me, in my mind thats more of an illustrative thing but we were the minority class so?? Its just fun to work to a time limit, as well as with projectors and colours and everything else.

I had an idea to translate this next piece into something a bit more 3D/Layered but my brain’s been a bit fried so I might use it in the future. My 3 words that I thought related to my previous work were: People, Portraiture and Music. It was cool just to combine all my previous units together and all my extra work that I do for fun on the side.

The next day we had a lecture with a Graphic Designer/Space Re-creator Richard Wolfstrome. It was an interesting look at how you can put imagery into space and makes you realize how you sort of take the simple things like signage and notices for granted. It relates to this unit but I felt like he was too graphic designer for me, I felt like it would give me ideas but it wasn’t pushing my brain to ultimate interest anyway.

As this unit has been getting started I’ve taken any spare opportunities to get on with my DYP unit. We’ve now been told it doesn’t have to actually be applied to the brief live, but the unit is more about understanding what’s out there in the real industry. So now i’ve been given the all clear I’m probably not going to enter directly into the New Blood awards as I don’t feel like I’ll have the time to complete it by the end of the month, but I’ll still work on the project as if I am. I’m also a little bit stumped on ideas right now, I have two of the three images I would need but I feel like one of the ones I’ve done already wouldn’t meet the requirements of the brief. It’s not shit, just in my opinion it’s a bit too miserable for the “life affirming and heart warming” vibe they’re looking for. Instead of trying to search for further ideas and go back on myself I might as well flow with what I have and not worry about it as I have now 2 other units to do and think about as well.

  • The George Michael one has come out a completely different colour on here (thanks wordpress) then it is originally – a copy of it will be in my black paged sketchbook when it comes to hand in. The main idea around it was how we take wisdom and inspiration from celebrities, quotes. I chose George because 1. he was beautiful, especially in the 80’s and 2. in the recent events of his death it’s been revealed how much he did for charity and those in need – donating a lot of his money. I felt like the lyrics from probably his most famous song, Faith, was probably the best way I felt of describing my idea. Fans, whether it be in the wake of his death or not, could take inspiration from that quote and it give them courage and strength in tough times they are having too. I think it’s almost there, but I would just need to work on the type, and how to get it to stand out from my drawings.
  • When I spoke to John about this, I’ve learnt a lot from other people’s health and the failing NHS system. I’m not gonna go into detail but it’s about the death of somebody close and how it could have been avoided if something was detected before it got worse. The health thing also goes a little into the George Michael thing too, although (as we’ve recently found out) he didn’t die from drugs overdose a lot of celebrities do die from addiction to illegal and most worryingly, prescription drugs. I learnt a lot about this from Autopsy on Netflix, its about the last hours of several celebs and what actually killed them. That’s why all three of the images here have some sort of vintage medical drawing in the collage somewhere. The last two images are just variations on the health idea. Conveniently in one of the fashion magazines I had there was a photo of Chloe Sevigny for Chanel or Dior or something and the dress she wore had this flower detail. She was lying the floor and as I drew from that the dress began to look like someone who had their insides mauled out or something – a bit like in the walking dead when a zombie gets ripped in half. I thought it was perfect for this idea, and it works really well with the colour/coloured in section of it. The first was just a test, playing with the Urban Outfiters colour scheme at the moment – I’ve been in a few times in recent weeks and the season is pastels as it’s coming into spring. I also just used a photo of my drawing so the second was it actually scanned and with an improved colour scheme. Its a lot darker then the first and that’s why I feel like it doesn’t fit with the brief.

I also got asked by The Attic in Ashford to create a poster for an event in July. I mean yeah it’s for my band but still… We have a few new members so there’s no photos of us yet so I made one up using vintage images from the 30’s. I’ve been reading up on collage and copyright recently – I don’t necessarily wan’t to give collage up as it’s where my work is most sophisticated but I don’t want to get sued either. It’s alright for the moment as I’m not gaining any money from what I do and it’s just for uni work. In the future, from what my understanding is, you can use an image in a context where the original meaning of the original image becomes irrelevant and a new meaning, reading or narrative comes into it with the collective collage. All of my notes on copyright are in my DYP sketchbook, the little green one.


I still have the ticket price to add but that’s the jist.

Last Monday, March 6th and Wednesday 8th, we did some Aftereffects workshops again with Kat. I love her workshops so much because I learn the most! We learnt how to use cameras, scripts and making the scene a bit more 3D. I don’t know why I wasn’t taught scripts first, and honestly I’m quite angry because a lot of stress, pain and anger could have been prevented as it’s 100% EASIER then HAVING TO ANIMATE SOMETHING BOUNCE OR MOVE WITH A BIT MORE REALISTIC-NESS THEN IT IS ON YOUR OWN.but i’ll let that slide. I edited both outcomes together and have placed them below. I think it’s interesting to learn Ae in a bit more depth now and now I can do new things with it which hopefully I can use for this unit.

I think Tuesday was a studio day, we didn’t do a lot though as I think John, Richard and the other tutors were going around and seeing who was doing what brief. Richard also gave a more interesting talk in the morning about how you can present info in space. I was particularly interested in a pop up shop by Loui Vuitton in Selfridges and some sort of arcade museum. The presentation of both is pretty cool! With fashion being my 3rd love, next to Art and Music, I wanted to combine the three for this unit. I’ve FINALLY decided to go back and work on Marilyn Manson again, thinking about a (pretend) pop up shop in Camden for the 20th anniversary of his alum Anitchrist Superstar. There’s already been a collection of clothing released in collaboration with the brand killstar, I own the hoodie it’s amazing but I want to create something a bit more… fashion week. Maybe a pop up shop which is also a museum, illustrating Manson’s life/career through clothing, images on walls (maybe a time line?) small animated screens and merchandise. But on the models (like most clothing stores have mannequins, obviously) I wanted to re-create or replicate some of the clothes the band would wear between the time frame of either 94-96 or 94-99. I say 94-96 because that’s the time frame between his first album and Antichrist Superstar. Or 94-99 because that’s the span his autobiography has which of course I will be using as research! I don’t need to worry about that just yet as I don’t want to limit myself. I’m just going to work and then decide from then.

Wednesday we also had a meeting about our dissertation, and now we’re going to have that to consider all the way till the end of the year as well and do a presentation as well. At the moment I’m either thinking about the combination between art and music – maybe a sort of appreciation for album artwork and things like that as I feel it’s pretty discarded sometimes. Maybe something about music and fashion or just fashion. I was also thinking about how interesting I found researching about Raphael and the renaissance I wouldn’t mind doing something like that again either.

Friday came our results, a mess up in the Uni’s system seems to have made it hard to understand what we got BUT I think it’s an A. I then had a 3D workshop where we learnt about adhesives and some jewelry making techniques. I thought the jewelry making idea would have been pretty useful as I’m thinking about a fashion pop up shop. Manson wore a lot of rings, so it could be cool to replicate them? We also made a box/mini plinth out of wood and different adhesive methods. I really enjoyed using the drill and also the air dart gun thing. I felt like these would be useful when making a shelf maybe for a final piece/installation. I’d never used either before so it was quite fun!

I may have my time sorted, I’m not sure. Workshops are coming out of my earholes and I have the band and also DYP to worry about too. I’m not going to say where I’m going next weekend on the off chance someone sees this and finds out where I’m going but I’ll let you know when it’s done. The weekend after that is our 2nd London gig and also my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend. Life will be a lot easier after these two weeks are done for sure.