28/09/17 – Back at it again (for the last time… maybe)


I’ve been back at uni for roughly two weeks now, I can’t believe it’s year 3 and uni is almost over! I don’t want to leave still, I have so much fun here.

I spent the summer primarily gigging with the band and recording our EP, we had a show nearly every weekend! In the weeks I recovered, spent the time eating M&M’s, specifically the crispy ones, and researching for my dissertation.

The dissertation is in an alright place, I spent the summer not having a question to answer but seeing connections between the then and the now. I initially began researching into the 60’s, getting stuck on the life of the Beatles (So much for such short lives, completely absorbed me) which is pretty much my downfall because it’s SO GENERIC. The then and now interests me though, I think that’s the main topic of my dissertation. Being in a band I’ve noticed the difficulties of trying to get out there, whereas in the Beatles day, they were just in the right place at the right time it seems. I did a survey on Survey Monkey and posted it in the musicians groups on Facebook, asking about what local musicians think about being in a local band and what they think of the industry. It’s given me an interesting overall view, some answers were very funny. My first question is: “Whats the best thing about being in a band?” and one persons answer was “The Girls and Drugs”. I’m not sure what that says about their musicianship but there we go… What I think was sweet was someone put my band as a band they considered to be successful in the local scene – super cute! Probably trying to kiss my arse a bit but sweet none the less, gave me a smile.

My next step with the dissertation is to ask my friends in higher places (under the influence of our new tutor David) about what they think so it zooms in on specific people. I just need to think about how to word the questions. I also need to think of a basic structure of the dissertation and draw it out in a little diagram. I’ll probably do that next week.

I also started on my minor project this week. It’s totally self initiated and the only rule is that it relates in some way to our dissertation. I was thinking about being able to make visual work for my dissertation, as I didn’t really during my research (I only draw if I want too); I came up with the idea about doing a project on what I’ve learnt within this last year in the band. It’s more of a venting strategy, I’m conflicted. I love to perform, I love to make friends and I love creating new sounds. I love to ritually put on make up before shows and be a part of a family of people who support me. However, everything else I TRULY HATE. I hate the travel, the setting up, people stabbing you in the back, the pressure (not on its own either, I’m a girl in a band, it’s 100% worse!) etc. I’m not sure if my project will be comical or moody yet. I want to portray what being in a band is truly like, just for anyone who is interested or so my fellow musicians can relate. I’m not sure of it’s outcome right now because what I thought about doing is something maybe to big for the minor, but I want to completely flip it’s on its head and create a beauty brand/range/campaign from it.

Make up is a huge part of the band for me, I can’t go on stage without it on, it really is a ritual for me and gives me luck. I’m a massive fan of beauty guru’s on Youtube and my biggest obsession right now is Jeffree Star – my collection is getting wild. A few beauty gurus have brought out eyeshadow pallets recently (Laura Lee, Soph Does Nails) and all of them have been inspired by their lives. The shadow names relate to something they love, named like we’d name a paint ‘Ochre’ or something. The brand Urban Decay released collection inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat over the summer. Although not curated by Basquiat himself, the colours and style of the pallet represented his work perfectly. I have the coloured one (there’s a neon one and a nude one) and I love it, the formula quality isn’t great but its creative! I’d like to do something like that, make it inspired by the band and hopefully have a fully functioning pallet by the time we release our EP in December! You can get cheap pallets on the high street now, so I think it would be fun for me to find a few pallets I like – shape wise or colour wise and I wouldn’t mind curating my own brand and re-pressing them into something I totally make my own. I’ve thought about making my own brand before! It’d be so exciting!

So far I’ve just got round to doing some drawings, drawings of friends, of us, of bands we cover or aspire too in a small square sketchbook. I’m actually finding it so fun! Usually I hate drawing but I’m enjoying making grounds and then images on top. Later on I’d like to draw on a bigger scale, either photos I’ve done before or some new ones. I like to draw smaller because the images are quick to create, but I’ve noticed how some are too cramped!

So, lets see if we can get all of this done, between potentially working for uni as an ambassador (I had my interview Tuesday!) and releasing our EP!