26/03/18 – Intros Actual Final Edit, and End Edit Begins…


I’m so proud of this!
Differences include:
* Our actual logo instead of our name handwritten, under suggestion by the boys. They wanted it to me more visual and think it’d look more professional this way.
* Coloured in the dripped song name, just so it’s easier to see by the human eye. I wanted it to be easier to see, although the original was cool but it’s the intro so It need to be “BAM! look at this”. Also coloured in a little bit more green, so it’s the colour of cash.
Fun Fact: the song is named after a lipstick of mine.

Image result for dirty money jeffree star

(not my photo)

I think as I continue, I’ve decided I want to focus on the main parts of the song where I want more impact, so I’m going to animate them all first and then fill in the gaps. I’m scared I’ll get so far and just rush endings and stuff, so I’d rather half arse the actual bits that can get away with it? If that makes sense. I want to focus on the ending next. It’ll be a bit like a portfolio, cool clips at the beginning and end, so all the stuff you’ll never remember is in the middle.

The black at the beginning is intentional! Do not be scared!
With my new structure idea, I’ve decided to complete the ending next. This wasn’t going to be hard, as it’s the only structured bit with a narrative I thought about the whole project.
This was done with a collection of rotoscopes and boils. I think the narrative is there, just I think the editing needs a bit of tweaking as it’s a bit jolty – not that that’s a major problem (adds to effect which I quite like) just it occasionally effects way the video looks along with the music.

23/03/18 – Intro final edit

I went with using entirely film for the intro of my music video. I felt like it sets the scene really well and starts to introduce the viewer to the “narrative”. I played around with the speed of the footage and used a adjustment layer to add colour to black and white. The animated footage at the end still needs a bit of tweaking but I think it flows on really well.

I’m still building a loose narrative in my head, I think the overall jist is that the stripper is going to fall in love with a regular, which is forbidden in the industry,¬† and she’ll get pregnant. I always had the intention of the end being some kind of termination of a baby because of the lyrics (I drew a wicked fetus the other day for another project so I think I’ll use that.). Along the way she’ll use drugs and turn to satanism or something in order to cope with her difficult relationship and the way it effects her difficult job.

I’m really proud because I’ve probably got a minute of footage now (Not above but over all) – UNFORTUNATELY, I’ve found out the song is pretty much 5 minutes long. So… help.


21/03/18 – A test intro

A short test of my intro, with the introduction of using found footage and sounds too. I think as I’m watching this I’d like to keep the into fairly footage based and then add the animation as Brad’s voice comes in. I’d also like to animate some really really short Rotoscopes of us to just layer over the top of other animations/footage.


SO after all the issues last week, I’ve been told I can’t have more RAM added to my surface pro because it’s “soldered together” – pretty lame if you ask me for 2 grand worth of laptop. Considering it’s also advertised as a creative computer, yet the guy in the shop said it’s more for “surfing the web whilst in transport”.

I swiped the entire laptop and now all I have is Adobe, it’s a nightmare.

Anyway, progress has been happening! Below I’ve done a show reel of all the animations/gifs/clips I’ve done so far. I touch a bit on it within the captions in the video, but I’m struggling with timing whilst using Photoshop to animate. I think I’m going to double my frames like we do with dragon (Photoshop is like using dragon but without a camera) so it makes my clips flow better and are actually visible instead of being the speed of light.

As of today I also started to storyboard in my own weird way. I decided instead of story boarding and then animating, I’d animated and keep a log of all the clips on small bits of paper – and then I’ll stick them using masking tape to a sheet of paper in any order. Later on, when I have enough to fill the paper thats A1 in size, I can organise them into the order they’ll be when I edit the final video. Its really useful because I can see it all visually as well as make notes onto them and decide whether I want to animate them again etc etc.

Now I need to re-animate but also sort out my timing issue. I have group tutorials tomorrow, I might be able to get some assistance.

07/03/18 – New Animation Technique

After yesterday’s success with Ae, I suddenly got hit with the fact my laptop was born without enough RAM and sucks. This means using Ae and Ps, and most adobe products, at my own pace isn’t possible. Its freezes, the paint bucket tool takes about 5 minutes to do it’s job etc. All night I thought about how I was going to fix it, how long it would take to fix/buy more, would it effect my project and force me to push my project in another direction. The best thing about this situation, I realised I really REALLY wanted to do what I’m doing now! I’m so hyped to get a music video done!

During my tutorial, David taught me how to animate using just Photoshop, it animates as a gif. It’s a hell of a lot easier then Ae! I can’t wait to continue using it with more frames and intricate designs. Its like a digital version of hand drawn animation really, just it creates something very choppy. Instead of layers (though thinking about it I’m sure you can use layers) it’s a full image.

Mind Blown.

06/03/18 – Test Animation

Not a lot to report so far, I’ve just been sketching as much as possible and trying to create imagery to get ready for animation in the near future. Below is a test animation I did using Ae and PP, you can see a short journey from my first test to my last, trying to figure out how to scale and not have it blur.

It’s going well so far so I’ve been given some hope! I’m looking forward to animating more in the near future. I can’t wait to start playing with layers and colour some more too.

I did this quite messily but I can’t decide whether I’m going to use it within my final piece still or not, I like the miss matched layered one a lot. I don’t think I’ll have to zoom in so much on everything else so hopefully the rest wont be so blurry? I could always just layer this on top of something else maybe. Next I want to go back over using the 3D camera to create a scene with a pan, with a bit more depth. We touched on this shortly last year and I think my clips would benefit from it.¬†Next I also want to either just make some more assets and animate a bit more, and then maybe figure out once I’ve animated what order they’re going to go in and do a little story board. It might be easier that way once I have everything collected?

02/03/18 – Hot Girls Wanted + Erika Lust

I continued to watch my list of documentaries last night and came across the award winning documentary called ‘Hot Girls Wanted’.

The documentary has an in sight into the porn industry, following a small group of amateur porn stars who live in a house with their agent. At the beginning of the film we’re set out believing that this was a positive documentary about girls who wanted this career, who were empowered, free and rolling in cash. Which is all true really, the girls can choose what they do and what jobs they accept. There’s nothing weird going on in their little home, their male agent is there to take them to and from shoots and that’s all – and he only takes 10% of their profits! They have a dog, get on and live a pretty average life. However as we continue to watch we find out that even when it’s a dream job it’s still a shitty job to have. In 2015, when the documentary was made, there was a rise in the form of porn called ‘Facial Abuse’ which is another way of saying “Forced Oral Sex”. A lot of the girls admitted to begin with they took part in this to begin with, but hated it and weren’t always told if the jobs they accepted were featuring them. Other downsides to the career seem to be porn’s lack of interest in the woman’s pleasure, and how it’s all about the interest of the male. A lot of the girls commented on the fact how in the amateur industry a lot of the videos they take part in has story lines based on virginity and taking advantage of innocent girls. In the end, a lot of the girls left the industry after 6 months because that’s the sell by date of amateur porn stars.

Image result for hot girls wanted

What the documentary has taught me is that even when it’s a choice, and everything about it goes right. You have the fame, the followers, the money and success – it’s still a complicated job. You can say this about any job but I think without films like this, despite what you think about the industry before hand, these people are still human and even in the courage these women portray (the fear of friends/family finding out, contracting diseases – to name a few issues they face.) it’s still an incredibly hard job!

I feel like this is worth mentioning because of the struggle I’ve had in my mind on what I wanted to music video to base itself on. Originally I wanted to present the strength in women, which I’m still open to doing, but I was conflicted with the ease of creating visual imagery that was a bit more gross and gritty. I guess watching this film has confirmed to me that I can portray both sides because it’s all the same sides in a way.

These thoughts continued when I watched the films follow up: “Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On” which is a series, and follows the same paths but focuses on porn in the digital age. Two episodes stick out in my mind: Episode 2 follows the same plot almost as the original film. Except this time it follows female recruiter Bailey, who started her career in the industry on webcam. Again, everything is perfectly safe, the girls create their own content and are completely in control. She recruits porn star Bonnie Kinz/Kylie Page who seems full of promise, completely confident and really wants to make a name for herself in the industry. Everything seems to be going well until all of a sudden… it doesn’t. Kylie becomes dependant on drugs and partying to cope. Bailey does her best to help Kylie out but ultimately just leaves her to struggle on her own, knowing the industries turn over is massive. This particular episode is relative too, as it seems to be a common thing that the girls use drugs to cope with their job. It’s something I’m struggling to work with in terms of visual imagery right now but I would like to incorporate it as it provides realistic narrative. A couple of days ago I watched another documentary on Netflix called ‘Heroin(e)’ – about women who work with those who take heroin. Even when the documentary was on drugs, the topic of sex work came up several times. Again, in the documentary series ‘Dope’ too.

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On (2017)

I want to talk about the first episode in the series too. The episode introduces us to Swedish pornographic film maker Erika Lust, who is bashing down the industries stereotypes. Following up from the first film, her short films focus on the female’s perspective of porn. I didn’t get to see a lot of her work from the programme, the makers tend to not actually focus on the naked body or the actual pornographic material, which is good because I don’t think I’m focusing on that myself necessarily. I don’t want to force sex into the eyes of our listeners. But what I did see of Erika’s work is the bizarre, metaphorical, romantic atmospheres in which she films in. From what I gathered from her work it’s about fantasy, a lot of her works are based on submissions of ideas people have had for porn and she just recreates around them. It’s a bit more fine art! High end type of productions. It’s something to think about if I’m stuck for imagery anyway.


Finally, a bit of what I wanted my video was sitting directly in front of my face!

The opening credits for the show is sort of what I’m aiming for with this project. Its an example of how we can see a narrative/overall jist of a topic through basic imagery and short clips. The intro shows pictures relative to women, to love and to sex. For example, there’s a bottle spinning, which is a representation of spin the bottle. In films, experiences like spin the bottle are usually teen characters first sexual encounters. There’s emphasis on words like love etc. I think, so far in my head if we can combine this type of narrative with the visual impact of Ruffmercy’s work, we might be onto a winner!