23/03/18 – Intro final edit

I went with using entirely film for the intro of my music video. I felt like it sets the scene really well and starts to introduce the viewer to the “narrative”. I played around with the speed of the footage and used a adjustment layer to add colour to black and white. The animated footage at the end still needs a bit of tweaking but I think it flows on really well.

I’m still building a loose narrative in my head, I think the overall jist is that the stripper is going to fall in love with a regular, which is forbidden in the industry,  and she’ll get pregnant. I always had the intention of the end being some kind of termination of a baby because of the lyrics (I drew a wicked fetus the other day for another project so I think I’ll use that.). Along the way she’ll use drugs and turn to satanism or something in order to cope with her difficult relationship and the way it effects her difficult job.

I’m really proud because I’ve probably got a minute of footage now (Not above but over all) – UNFORTUNATELY, I’ve found out the song is pretty much 5 minutes long. So… help.


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