26/03/18 – Intros Actual Final Edit, and End Edit Begins…


I’m so proud of this!
Differences include:
* Our actual logo instead of our name handwritten, under suggestion by the boys. They wanted it to me more visual and think it’d look more professional this way.
* Coloured in the dripped song name, just so it’s easier to see by the human eye. I wanted it to be easier to see, although the original was cool but it’s the intro so It need to be “BAM! look at this”. Also coloured in a little bit more green, so it’s the colour of cash.
Fun Fact: the song is named after a lipstick of mine.

Image result for dirty money jeffree star

(not my photo)

I think as I continue, I’ve decided I want to focus on the main parts of the song where I want more impact, so I’m going to animate them all first and then fill in the gaps. I’m scared I’ll get so far and just rush endings and stuff, so I’d rather half arse the actual bits that can get away with it? If that makes sense. I want to focus on the ending next. It’ll be a bit like a portfolio, cool clips at the beginning and end, so all the stuff you’ll never remember is in the middle.

The black at the beginning is intentional! Do not be scared!
With my new structure idea, I’ve decided to complete the ending next. This wasn’t going to be hard, as it’s the only structured bit with a narrative I thought about the whole project.
This was done with a collection of rotoscopes and boils. I think the narrative is there, just I think the editing needs a bit of tweaking as it’s a bit jolty – not that that’s a major problem (adds to effect which I quite like) just it occasionally effects way the video looks along with the music.

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