03/04/18 – Breakdown Edit: First Half

Here’s the first half of my edit for the breakdown. I think the method I’m working to is a good tactic, I’m editing what I have together and then making quick imagery/animations to fill in the gaps, relevant to the imagery. I’m enjoying doing this because I’ve started to venture back into Ae, as much as it’s permitting me, in order to animate small things. Eg. the Rosary swinging, pans on still images. I’m also experimenting with the pre-set effects such as “Broken TV Effect” (shown in the background just after the girl and the devil, used on an image of Baphomet.) Playing a bit more with layering video and imagery too, allowing things to either be abrupt or lead on from one another nicely. I’m so proud of this, I think if I want to add more it’s just a small amount of tweaking to go

I need a stiff drink for reals.

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