07/04/18 – Breakdown Full and Final Edit

Just in the nick of time to have it done by my deadline of the end of the week!

I began struggling to think of imagery to put in a gap between the middle of the screams and the end of breakdown (Approx where the footage of the woman kidding the two men in the car is and the footage of my first rotoscope.) Happy to have been able to do some quick rotoscopes to fill in the gap, efficiently created by extending the frame rate in Photoshop – I’m surprised they still move quite swift.

Next to place all of the completed parts into premiere in the correct place and then to fill in the gaps. The reason why this took so long is because I was accidentally making imagery for other parts of the song – either because I thought they would be fitting to the music or because I had ideas I didn’t want to forget using images from my sketchbook.

Feeling optimistic!

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