18/04/18 – 3 weeks to go!

I’ve pretty much been editing a basic edit of the final product, I have about 4 minutes done now so only 1 minute to go! I’ve not really solved the “filling the gaps” situation yet, I’m finding it difficult to come up with things but I’m completing it in sections so it should pretty much sort itself out as I go along. I’m struggling to get my whole narrative across,  I haven’t added enough of the “stripper turns to drugs” element in yet. For parts of this project I’m researching some really weird things, I’m managing to word things in weird ways so I find what I’m looking for in search engines without having it come up with some dodgy porn. Things like “Vintage Burlesque Dancers”, “Pole Dancers” or “Girls Dancing”. However, I can’t seem to come up with ways of finding out about drugs on the internet. It really shows how little I know if I can’t think of other terms to use…

I was aware the breakdown was quite heavy on the found footage, but I’m happy to say I’m pretty much animating the rest of the video thus far (I’ve added one tiny small clip somewhere in the second chorus I think). It was something that was commented on during today’s final review with Hugh and David. Another point to fix was using the less obvious imagery and be a bit more metaphoric. Particularly at the end of the breakdown where the character is watching the TV and it tells you about satanism/satanic symbols. My argument was that I wanted to focus on the way in some cultures that the female body is considered satanic. Funnily enough, my boyfriends dad met a woman last week who told him she used to be a witch and then was taken over by the devil and then got exorcised! It’s mad, but it’s a true problem. Though, despite my argument, I was planning on changing that bit anyway as I find it’s a bit of a mood kill more then anything. It just slows down the energy of the footage shortly before. I’m wanting to layer up more once I have the base of it down. I had a tutorial with David last week and he said about adding more on top of the found footage. There was too much differentiation between the animated footage and the video. Even if it’s just simple textures or shapes,  I’ve started to work on this now within the intro. I’m so used to the hectic look of my collages so mentally a bit of this looks a bit blank for me anyway. I’m excited to see it progress!

Finally, I’ve realised as this project had progressed I’ve lost my inspiration and moved away from the visuals of Ruffmercy. I looked back on some of his videos yesterday to inspire me – I managed to take a 4 day break and an accidental 5th as my laptop stopped working. I just wanted ideas on how to add more to my work quickly, which is great because he uses a lot of shapes and symbols in order to create more impact on his work. I’ve started working on this too.

Below is a selection of progress clips, including new clips I’ve done and new edits.

As I was editing this together, I was thinking if I made it easier by each verse having a predominant theme based on the narrative. So the first verse is sort of an introduction, explaining she’s in love and that she can’t handle it because of her job. Then maybe the second is about her drug abuse. Finally the breakdown is when she turns to satanism.

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