07/05/18 – Video Completion

I’m really proud to announce that I’ve completed what can be a final version of the music video for hand in, It’s taken 15 weeks! I can’t quite believe I managed to complete nearly 5 minutes of footage.

What I love about it is pretty much it’s existence, I’ve struggled with animation in previous projects – mainly due to technological issues – but this time I managed to work out something that worked for me and it paid off! I’ve also learnt so much during this project, like how to rotoscope, which has been the saving grace of this video! I’ve also learnt how to use effects in After Effects as well as create new background imagery through video I’d already made, how to import an PNG image sequence in order to compose layers into premiere and how to animate using Photoshop in general! I also think the colour scheme is something that’s unique about my video. I always made sure the flow of video was consistent by making sure the layers lead into a background colour change well, as well as highlighted certain bits of footage. Although I had the aim to have it look like various animators work (eg. Ruffmercy, Marzyk and Morcieau) it looks like a variation of those things – just by me. I’m happy to have created a personal brand through this and cant wait to see how this can develop into other projects in the future.

I’d like to carry on layering and tweaking the video, I feel like as I am on a time limit to hand in tomorrow – I didn’t want to keep coming up with things to layer over the found footage because it seemed half arsed to me, and not as effective and it was singularly. I’m planning on having a final edit, with a bit more added onto it to be released this coming Friday. Yesterday I did an advert for it, with the music videos release date, using some of the imagery I created from my existing edits in After Effects.

I think in the future I want to come up with an obvious plot line before I start animating. I don’t really want to do storyboards again, just have a clear idea so when I start making/editing so I’m not doing it on the spot. The boys say it comes across right well, the main characters scenario gets worse and worse but I’m still wondering whether it’s obvious enough or not.

As suggested in tutorials, I have re-done the TV bit in the breakdown, and made it a bit more chaotic. As I mentioned before, I have added some animation over the found footage but I’d like to add more before the release date. I suppose this project could go on forever as I could just keep layering – but I think soon is the time to stop!

Below is the final video:


Below is also a link to my other blog, where I have some visual references. Sorry it’s a tumblr account, I’ve only just re-discovered this and started using it again!