07/04/17 – Big Pantings

On Monday I spent literally the whole of my day sticking my work into my sketchbook, annotating and doing some artists research. I looked into Julie Verhoeven properly as well as Floria Sigismondi. Sigismondi was the director for the Manson videos ‘Tourniquet’ and ‘The Beautiful People’. She’s well known for her jittery filming style, which I really love because it looks like some sort of mental caffeine explosion thats ended in some sort of mental break and describes insanity. I’m not entirely sure how this could relate to my work yet, I feel if I were to make an animation or something it would work because I could use a script to make it jittery. In comparison to Julie Verhoeven, who I’ve used as an inspiration for a drawing style, there’s no visual element I can take from it unless its moving. I also spent most of Monday trying to find a job for the summer, which was a total let down…

On Tuesday we had our weekly tutorial for Spatial Practise. I got to show everyone the work I done last week as well as John my t-shirt design. John was also really impressed with my A2 Manson illustration from last week and got me to do an even bigger one on the wall!! It was quite daunting at first but I’m really looking forward to using them both in my work digitally now.


I had the intention to finish the last one! but in the end I just left it, anything else I want to add I can in photoshop. After the 3 hours it took me to paint this, I took my T-shirt design to the print shop round the corner and got them printed onto tracing paper so they were ready for me to take to Pete the print technician the next day.

Wednesday morning gave me a tutorial in DYP. Which really made me quite happy really – John was super impressed with my posters for the Attic and what opportunities it was going to give me as work experience. I explained that sometimes it was difficult because some of the bands literally give you nothing to work with because they’re new. We spoke about layout after that, I seemed to stick to the same formulas when creating my posters. Headline act at the top, supports under that, then the rest of the info and logos finishing with the address at the bottom. John showed me some examples of how all this information is moved around other posters from other companies. It left me feeling refreshed really, because it helped when I got on with the posters on Thursday. I managed to take my designs up to screen print after but the black on the tracing paper wasn’t dark enough. However, Pete sorted it out for me so it’s not too bad and said I could come back today to get them done.

Thursday I spent most of my day returning from the band practise I had Wednesday evening. When I came back into uni I had a follow up dissertation tutorial with John. Not much had progressed since the week before other then the fact I brought the sketchbook I’m going to use as my dissertation journal and then stuck one page in. It was more of a thinking week on that front – I was sort of believing that we weren’t going to worry about this (other then the proposal presentation in a few weeks) until summer so I didn’t want to start actually researching for it yet (Don’t I have enough to worry about anyway??!?!?!) John was pretty understanding of it though and helped me just define what the title might be – I can’t remember it off the top of my head but it was along the lines of Inclusivity and Knowledge is Power etc. I spent the rest of Thursday, like I’d planned, at home working on the posters for The Attic. I’m proud of them because they are a little but more interesting to me as well as a bit more experimental.

I think the Paisley Mess one is my favourite – the majority of it was a total accident so… Also enjoying the use of blank space.

Today I came in to silk screen but I can’t find Pete?? Also all of the Vis Com foundation students are in there so??


31/03/17 – Getting started

Last Thursday saw me attempting to work but not really getting there – I did however, manage to use my previous work based on Maz and put it in a “shop” context. During the week I started to research into the space I wanted my shop to be in, looking at this site called ‘appearhere.com”. Its a site run for pop-up shops, just giving details about the space as well as in depth images of the shop. I couldn’t find too many in Camden but I found a couple in Shoreditch and also a couple in Marylebone. Since playing in Shoreditch last Saturday, I’ve noticed how much of an appropriate area it is considering its full of music venues. I spent Saturday night playing there and then also Sunday going to a gig there for my anniversary with James. It’s a great place for a Pop up shop! I’d been there before too, when on a trip with uni in my foundation year and there’s a whole row of pop up places. The spaces I scouted out are in my sketchbook, and I’ve even drawn on top of them and annotated what I’d do with the space.

Tuesday we had a group crit. I loved the group crits last year because it sort of gets my head together weekly and helps generate ideas. This was also good for me because I have a lot of ideas but I’m struggling to them out of my head. The others suggested I make a brochure for my pop up, make a T-shirt, and do a larger scale drawing. I set work to these right away that day, after putting my scouted out spaces in my sketchbook, starting with the T-shirt design:

I’m hoping on Tuesday to get this sorted with John in order to screen print it. I’d have to do it after the easter break though, which is fine really because then I can sort out how to present my ideas during easter. The tee would count as the 3D presented part of this unit. I spent quite a while getting this idea together! It was just an example piece really so I didn’t bother making my own type, and downloaded one off daFont.com. Luckily it has a comical subject so the font was easy to find – I specifically picked a cheesy Halloween font – and easy to manipulate into the clumps of words it is in the T-shirt. Its also a lot easier to read, in comparison to other gothic fonts which are overly detailed and all bitty.

I spent the whole of Wednesday working on more posters for the Attic, setting the day aside to get my DYP unit done. The posters are still pretty easy for me to do, I’m enjoying working based on the event and trying to apply type to the type already used in logos. They added a few more posters for me to do though, which hit me in the gut a little. I just hope I can get enough done to pass as my DYP unit (along with all the other bits I’m doing for it). What I like about these posters is that I can just use a textured background to make it look more professional! It’s odd that a bit of texture would do that really, in comparison to block colour.

I did another one too but we’re currently chasing the bands up for logos.

I came in on Thursday for the follow up of my ceramics workshop! I had a plan for the day, I was going to “edit” my tiles I’d done the workshop before, by adding more colour to them, and then paint my small heads (Only 5 showed up though from the kiln, which is convenient, any less and I wouldn’t have been happy) white so I could get them in to photoshop and then into mad mapper. The plan for the afternoon, after dissertation tutorials with John, was to do a larger scale drawing of Maz.

Here are my tiles before and after glazing, I almost prefer the glazed colour! Its my Aesthetic…


Here are my painted heads…

and here’s the start to my portrait of Maz! I’m hoping to complete him next Monday ūüôā

During my dissertation talks I also spoke to John about my ideas, Documentary Innovation – the idea that the way we present information is becoming new and more exciting. And Sound and Identity – The idea that is it the sound that identifies a band or the visuals. Thing is, we brought up a lot of interesting points but the two subjects sort of rolled into one and now I’m not sure what my dissertation is about, however, I’m happy I know I have a broad subject at least…

Next week, my plan is to finish Maz, get my t-shirt design up to screen printing and get the screen done, maybe possibly screen print and sort out my ceramic heads and get them into Photoshop! As well as get all my stuff into my sketchbooks…


22/03/17 – Workshops life

Time is definatley getting on top of me currently!

My first workshop of last week was on a program called Mad Mapper. It’s amazing! It’s like Photoshop but easier and not Adobe! (So it actually works…) Mad mapper allows you to use shapes to project onto objects. Connected to a projector, you can use your computer to move the shapes to match whatever you’re projecting on and it layers, so some images will project onto objects in the background but not show what the image is on objects in the foreground etc. We were asked to build a set out of paper and used it as if it were a building or something, which is what commonly Mad Mapper is used for. I used my videos from after effects in the week before, as well as using other things from my groups work. my favorite thing about mad mapper is being able to change the colours in an image, it creates something really bizarrely immersive, even if its terrifying. In the future I wouldn’t mind using Mad Mapper to project onto something in my “pop up shop” maybe on some mannequins or on a wall. Using images relating to Manson in some way.

During the workshop, Kat suggested that the best way to go about the project is to make some mind maps. So that night I did. I spent a lot of Monday/Tuesday getting my head together really.

As I was getting my head together Tuesday, John came round to give tutorials. We sat for a long time talking about how I can make my idea different from whats already been done. He suggested a few artists for me to continue looking at too – including Kenneth Anger again (who is a delight, for reals) and a fashion illustrator called Julie Verhoeven. After this Tuesday (yesterday) I’m quite interested in her work and the way she draws. Drawing is still a chore for me! I’m happy to use her strong, sometimes coloured outlines, and then to colour in sections of my piece in other colours. It works really well with my subject matter too! I’ll talk more about that in a minute. The suggestion from John was to watch some Manson videos and then list off the things that pop into mind as well as relate to the imagery. For example, John and I watched Tainted Love – looking at the imagery we associated Manson with High School Stereotypes (Jocks, Cheerleaders, Libarians) and the idea of sacrifice, animals and identity (The girls in the room with the bunny heads – who also relate to playboy I suppose). This was the springboard into making work.

Over the weekend I went to Brussels again to visit my best friend as a suprise for her birthday! Because of this I spent a lot of my time rush arranging insurance and euros and everything else. However, I also got commissioned by two people within the SAME HOUR, which was a bit of a miracle considering I’d never been commissioned before ever. My friend Karl in a band (my band are good friends with) called Hair Trigger asked me to do their logo for them. Which is amazing and a total honour! Initially they asked me just to create the revolver shape, but then we progressed further into the type. I couldn’t promise anything but I just started playing around in Photoshop and came up with this! Karl was skeptical at first but then it grew on him. Which was a lot of luck really, as my type is totally not up to scratch. I’m so chuffed with the way it looks, and think it describes them so well!


Our friends at the Attic have also commissioned me to do 11 (I know, it seems like a lot but it’s pretty easy to cope with in terms of time management) for events they’re doing over the next few months. It’s really fun for me to discover new local bands this way and think about what imagery or type would work for them. Here are the 3 I have done so far:

So this was literally what most of my week was taken up by, yesterday was my first chance to actually work on Spatial Practices! I spent the whole day drawing in the style of Julie Verhoeven and actually enjoyed it. What I loved was using sharpies and pencils together to create texture and atmosphere. John also let me photocopy some of my work and use it on the projector. I enjoyed making weird videos of it using snapchat filters. Something quite common in the 90’s was ¬†in the style of using a fish eye lense to warp some of Mansons photos and videos so that’s what I tried to replicate yesterday. I went to see Taking Back Sunday with James a few weeks ago, we’d gone specifically to see the support act. As we ended up on the highest balcony I had a lot of fun taking videos and not really focusing on the performance – just on how I could translate their visuals.

Last Thursday I also took part in a ceramics workshop! It was interesting anyway! First we painted tiles, I did a portrait of Manson’s face – trying to layer the colours of the tile paint. It was quite difficult because you can’t always tell if the paints working/layering until the tiles been in the kiln. After lunch we were let loose with the clay and could just make whatever we wanted. I found it really hard to come up with something. Tina the technician came round earlier in the day to show us how to make little people out of a ball of clay and our thumbs, so I did that. I thought once they were in the kiln I could paint on them different characters from Manson’s life. They could be cute little ornaments for my pop up shop! I molded them and then tried to adapt the shapes with a knife to make them more refined. I wasn’t too obsessed with accuracy really, I thought the paint would distinguish theme more!

For now I’m doing as much work as I can, tonight I have band practice as on Saturday it’s our second London gig in Shoreditch! Then the day after is my anniversary. Next weekend I’m also at a wedding so it’s pretty busy for me right now. I’m just hoping along with my comissions I can get my shit together…




12/03/17 – Spatial Practices

So a few weeks have passed, apologies for the off updating. The first weekend back we had our first ever London gig and then this week has been pretty insane too time wise.

Tuesday the 28th saw us briefed on our new, and final unit for year 2 ( ūüė¶ I don’t want to graduate yet ūüė¶ ) called Spatial Practices: Narrative Spaces. This is a combination brief between us (IA) and Graphic Design – divided into 5/6 separate other briefs. We were asked to pick one of the 5/6 and are asked to work with that for the rest of the unit. I had a hard time choosing between:

  • Branding Experience: A pop up shop for a “brand” of our choice, in a city of our choice. We are asked to create the shop, its signage and merchandising etc.
  • The UCA final show (for this year) catalog – Editing and trying to represent both courses as well as possible.
  • Illumination/Literature Live: A piece of work – inside or outside – as to be used in the Whitstable Biennale. Specifically an animation but its based on something from literature.

I read all the briefs carefully, and had to think about my own work when considering which project to take part in. I chose branding experience in the end because I felt like it would be a challenge for me. It (like most of the other briefs really) was pretty Graphic Design based but for some reason in my head it resignated in terms of my previous work. I could also relate it to myself and my practise, a lot of Bands do pop up shops around London so I thought it was a good way of creating something I was interested in. Also I got to pick the place the shop was in – all the other briefs are for specific places such as Margate, Canterbury and Whitstable which I have done SEVERAL briefs on in the past. Also merchandising is sort of my forte, especially when it comes to bands so it just means again I can do something I enjoy.

Later on that day we did our first workshop for this unit, which split us into groups of a mixture of GD and IA. I was the only student in mine from IA. It was a bizarre experience – the week before when I had a DYP tutorial with John he said about a list of words and how our previous work related to some of them. Keeping that in mind, when the Graphics students decided to create work from scratch out of some of the words on the list (ours were: Sea, Monsters and Angles??) I felt like I was a bit out of the loop. I rolled with it however and decided to do what my understanding of it was later (I’ll show that in a minute) Then with those words we were to create an installation in certain areas of the GD block. All of them turned out quite narrative really which surprised me, in my mind thats more of an illustrative thing but we were the minority class so?? Its just fun to work to a time limit, as well as with projectors and colours and everything else.

I had an idea to translate this next piece into something a bit more 3D/Layered but my brain’s been a bit fried so I might use it in the future. My 3 words that I thought related to my previous work were: People, Portraiture and Music. It was cool just to combine all my previous units together and all my extra work that I do for fun on the side.

The next day we had a lecture with a Graphic Designer/Space Re-creator Richard Wolfstrome. It was an interesting look at how you can put imagery into space and makes you realize how you sort of take the simple things like signage and notices for granted. It relates to this unit but I felt like he was too graphic designer for me, I felt like it would give me ideas but it wasn’t pushing my brain to ultimate interest anyway.

As this unit has been getting started I’ve taken any spare opportunities to get on with my DYP unit. We’ve now been told it doesn’t have to actually be applied to the brief live, but the unit is more about understanding what’s out there in the real industry. So now i’ve been given the all clear I’m probably not going to enter directly into the New Blood awards as I don’t feel like I’ll have the time to complete it by the end of the month, but I’ll still work on the project as if I am. I’m also a little bit stumped on ideas right now, I have two of the three images I would need but I feel like one of the ones I’ve done already wouldn’t meet the requirements of the brief. It’s not shit, just in my opinion it’s a bit too miserable for the “life affirming and heart warming” vibe they’re looking for. Instead of trying to search for further ideas and go back on myself I might as well flow with what I have and not worry about it as I have now 2 other units to do and think about as well.

  • The George Michael one has come out a completely different colour on here (thanks wordpress) then it is originally – a copy of it will be in my black paged sketchbook when it comes to hand in. The main idea around it was how we take wisdom and inspiration from celebrities, quotes. I chose George because 1. he was beautiful, especially in the 80’s and 2. in the recent events of his death it’s been revealed how much he did for charity and those in need – donating a lot of his money. I felt like the lyrics from probably his most famous song, Faith, was probably the best way I felt of describing my idea. Fans, whether it be in the wake of his death or not, could take inspiration from that quote and it give them courage and strength in tough times they are having too. I think it’s almost there, but I would just need to work on the type, and how to get it to stand out from my drawings.
  • When I spoke to John about this, I’ve learnt a lot from other people’s health and the failing NHS system. I’m not gonna go into detail but it’s about the death of somebody close and how it could have been avoided if something was detected before it got worse. The health thing also goes a little into the George Michael thing too, although (as we’ve recently found out) he didn’t die from drugs overdose a lot of celebrities do die from addiction to illegal and most worryingly, prescription drugs. I learnt a lot about this from Autopsy on Netflix, its about the last hours of several celebs and what actually killed them. That’s why all three of the images here have some sort of vintage medical drawing in the collage somewhere. The last two images are just variations on the health idea. Conveniently in one of the fashion magazines I had there was a photo of Chloe Sevigny for Chanel or Dior or something and the dress she wore had this flower detail. She was lying the floor and as I drew from that the dress began to look like someone who had their insides mauled out or something – a bit like in the walking dead when a zombie gets ripped in half. I thought it was perfect for this idea, and it works really well with the colour/coloured in section of it. The first was just a test, playing with the Urban Outfiters colour scheme at the moment – I’ve been in a few times in recent weeks and the season is pastels as it’s coming into spring. I also just used a photo of my drawing so the second was it actually scanned and with an improved colour scheme. Its a lot darker then the first and that’s why I feel like it doesn’t fit with the brief.

I also got asked by The Attic in Ashford to create a poster for an event in July. I mean yeah it’s for my band but still… We have a few new members so there’s no photos of us yet so I made one up using vintage images from the 30’s. I’ve been reading up on collage and copyright recently – I don’t necessarily wan’t to give collage up as it’s where my work is most sophisticated but I don’t want to get sued either. It’s alright for the moment as I’m not gaining any money from what I do and it’s just for uni work. In the future, from what my understanding is, you can use an image in a context where the original meaning of the original image becomes irrelevant and a new meaning, reading or narrative comes into it with the collective collage. All of my notes on copyright are in my DYP sketchbook, the little green one.


I still have the ticket price to add but that’s the jist.

Last Monday, March 6th and Wednesday 8th, we did some Aftereffects workshops again with Kat. I love her workshops so much because I learn the most! We learnt how to use cameras, scripts and making the scene a bit more 3D. I don’t know why I wasn’t taught scripts first, and honestly I’m quite angry because a lot of stress, pain and anger could have been prevented as it’s 100% EASIER then HAVING TO ANIMATE SOMETHING BOUNCE OR MOVE WITH A BIT MORE REALISTIC-NESS THEN IT IS ON YOUR OWN.but i’ll let that slide. I edited both outcomes together and have placed them below. I think it’s interesting to learn Ae in a bit more depth now and now I can do new things with it which hopefully I can use for this unit.

I think Tuesday was a studio day, we didn’t do a lot though as I think John, Richard and the other tutors were going around and seeing who was doing what brief. Richard also gave a more interesting talk in the morning about how you can present info in space. I was particularly interested in a pop up shop by Loui Vuitton in Selfridges and some sort of arcade museum. The presentation of both is pretty cool! With fashion being my 3rd love, next to Art and Music, I wanted to combine the three for this unit. I’ve FINALLY decided to go back and work on Marilyn Manson again, thinking about a (pretend) pop up shop in Camden for the 20th anniversary of his alum Anitchrist Superstar. There’s already been a collection of clothing released in collaboration with the brand killstar, I own the hoodie it’s amazing but I want to create something a bit more… fashion week. Maybe a pop up shop which is also a museum, illustrating Manson’s life/career through clothing, images on walls (maybe a time line?) small animated screens and merchandise. But on the models (like most clothing stores have mannequins, obviously) I wanted to re-create or replicate some of the clothes the band would wear between the time frame of either 94-96 or 94-99. I say 94-96 because that’s the time frame between his first album and Antichrist Superstar. Or 94-99 because that’s the span his autobiography has which of course I will be using as research! I don’t need to worry about that just yet as I don’t want to limit myself. I’m just going to work and then decide from then.

Wednesday we also had a meeting about our dissertation, and now we’re going to have that to consider all the way till the end of the year as well and do a presentation as well. At the moment I’m either thinking about the combination between art and music – maybe a sort of appreciation for album artwork and things like that as I feel it’s pretty discarded sometimes. Maybe something about music and fashion or just fashion. I was also thinking about how interesting I found researching about Raphael and the renaissance I wouldn’t mind doing something like that again either.

Friday came our results, a mess up in the Uni’s system seems to have made it hard to understand what we got BUT I think it’s an A. I then had a 3D workshop where we learnt about adhesives and some jewelry making techniques. I thought the jewelry making idea would have been pretty useful as I’m thinking about a fashion pop up shop. Manson wore a lot of rings, so it could be cool to replicate them? We also made a box/mini plinth out of wood and different adhesive methods. I really enjoyed using the drill and also the air dart gun thing. I felt like these would be useful when making a shelf maybe for a final piece/installation. I’d never used either before so it was quite fun!

I may have my time sorted, I’m not sure. Workshops are coming out of my earholes and I have the band and also DYP to worry about too. I’m not going to say where I’m going next weekend on the off chance someone sees this and finds out where I’m going but I’ll let you know when it’s done. The weekend after that is our 2nd London gig and also my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend. Life will be a lot easier after these two weeks are done for sure.

27/02/17 -Developing my Practise


We handed in Monday, so I’ve had the majority of the week to focus on my developing your practice unit. Fortunately I had a plan, just I hadn’t really started it yet. I’ve decided to take part in the New Blood Awards – particularly (despite the mental torment Adobe puts me through on a regular basis) the Adobe brief. I don’t want to go into it too much because its a competition and I don’t want to spill my ideas before I apply. I’m hoping I get the time to actually work on stuff in order to send in my application at the end of March…

I’ve been drawing from life and fashion mags more then anything so here they all are:

I’ve been enjoying drawing on blank paper and then adding the textures with my Photoshop app on my phone. It gives my images something extra!

06/02/17 – Light at the end of the tunnel.

I can’t say I know what happened last week… I’m hoping it comes back to me as I write this blog. I think I’m finding it a lot harder to write here as well because I do in my sketchbook too now, as my head is so jumbled… but its made it jumbled more… great.

Monday I managed to get a day to myself to get on with some work for the band. We had a gig coming up last Sunday, as well as some super exciting gig announcements for the rest of spring before we take a break for the summer! I took over our YouTube and did a simple colour changing animation in After Effects as a background for our tracks. The animation was also used as a projection on a screen behind us during our set. The show was a bit of a flop (no one showed up, not just for us but because it was a Sunday night it was a bit dead. We were supporting a band from Holland on their UK tour). but at least we looked sliiiiccck. I managed to make a few more demos too, as we were running out of stuff to sell.


I also managed to begin writing a script for my comic book. However, I got to about 8 pages in and just bored myself. I realized how hard it was going to be and how much work it was going to take to make this a reality and I knew it was just impossible within the 2 and a bit weeks I had left. It would have been a complete waste of time If I hadn’t have realized this, so I’m thankful for it really.

Tuesday’s a bit of a blank area – I know we had a small chat about an essay for this unit. Other then that I have no idea what I did during the day… I think I drew some pictures of Diaena (Lady Gaga) to use, continuing with my illustrations for the comic book – because at the time I didn’t know what to do.

I think on Wednesday I did a little bit of experimenting – I found some images of nude women in the art magazines, all old paintings, and photocopied them onto acetate. My idea was to put them into water and then drop ink and water colours above them, hoping they’d create a texture above the image. I’d then take photos of them, so I can put them into Photoshop. ¬†Here’s a selection of those photos, some didn’t come out great because of the lighting but they worked for the image I later on created.


Above is the first image I created using my photographs (or the attempt anyway). Naturally I began carrying on from my two panel comic strip – I wanted to show Diaena’s character being taken off by Greco’s men after they raided the traveller’s land in the 50’s. I was looking back and forth at Black Dog by Dave McKean for inspiration – it helped slightly but I just felt my drawing didn’t fit in with the rest of my imagery. After working on it for a little bit, I left it because it wasn’t impressing me.


Thinking about things more freely and generally I just thought I’d play around with my images, this is the result! I was quite happy how expressive it was, and how it described the general themes of the scene. I wanted her to look tortured, in pain and in a gritty situation.

On Thursday I had a tutorial with John, which was well overdue! I’m sure I hadn’t had one properly one on one since before Christmas! I showed him my collages and he said, along with my drawings and everything I had done was very similar to fine art. Which didn’t surprise me really, considering that was my ideal pathway when I left the first year of my diploma – then I had the sudden turn to go into viscom. We then did some photocopying of everything I had done and the combination of them all made this bizarre sequence that seemed to make sense even though it was just a experiment. It was nice to see all of my stuff on the wall and out of the sketchbook too! I think at this point we decided it was just better for me to take on a general approach to this. Illustrate using the general themes of the story instead of literally. The themes I currently am working on are:

  • Torture – representing the torture Fawnie’s grandmother Diaena, and her people went through after their land was taken away by John Greco and his men.
  • Religion – Holyland USA was a theme park based on religion, so I imagine if this were to be a series of AHS it would have been heavily influenced by religion. In my mind it differs from Asylum, because in Asylum the religious themes intertwined with the devil. This does a little but also the religious aspect of it isn’t used to create horror. It’s more to illustrate a scene and area. John also suggested it was in relation to the tortured characters, looking up the faith. Which isn’t impossible either – during my research I found out that Romany travelers seem to have any religion, depending on where they’re from. Commonly now, I believe travelers are catholic? (I’m taking that from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding – most of them were Irish though…so that would also make sense)
  • ¬† The Traveler Community – I’ve been told by a few people that my drawings of the travelers say so much about the subject matter. Their sense of community is what I admire about them anyway so I thought it was what I was sort of already working on with the drawings anyway??


When I got home I managed to further work on these collages and dove straight into the religion one. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but religious art is my life, and my one true love (I have mentioned it before.) so I was just happy, it gets the cogs in my brain going. Its my true aesthetic. From the start I think I knew it was going to be great because it’s something I was excited to work with!


Here’s the first part of my composition, I kept this (my final doesn’t look anything like this) because I really loved the way the face and the golden/alter image combine together. I saved it because I didn’t want to lose it as I continued to edit. It creates an interesting shape! The alter piece (that sort of broken up circular bit in the top right, I’m assuming the main image was part of a triptych.) also influenced my use of gold within the piece – I found a similar gold texture and used it to highlight Mary Magdelane’s eyes. Here I was working with the traditional Mary (Virgin Mary) colour scheme of blue and white.


As it developed, my image became more aware of blank space. The whole of the image flows so nicely and even though some bits stand out more then others all the elements sort of reveal themselves as you look at my work. I changed to a mixture of the lilac-y blue and turquoise because, well mainly it just seemed to work out that way, but saints like Saint Fatima (a Portuguese saint) and other religious icons wear turquoise too. I think it needs a few tweaks but I’m close to being done with this one!

On Friday I did life drawing…. I wish I didn’t. The model didn’t turn up, so we had to draw students in the room (not naked don’t worry) which I don’t find helped me. I prefer to draw the nude model, mainly because I learn proportions better that way as to when they’re wearing clothes, nothings in the way its all cool. However, the way the lesson was taught was more based on the media we used for the life drawing instead of drawing the actual life?? Which frustrated me, because I chose to be there in order to learn how to draw proportion? hence the word “Life” in the lesson name… because YOU’RE DRAWING LIFE??

I’ve sort of figured out a routine now. I work during the week and then I focus on the band at the weekend – that’s sort of my job now as we’re getting paid regularly. Sometimes it feels like I never have time, it’s quite stressful but I guess its a nicer problem to have, to be able to work on art and music together.

It’s already next week as I’m writing this so I’ll keep it quite until the weekend so I can say what I’ve done. Laters!


30/01/17 – Brussels and the week before

On the Monday of the week starting the 16th, I managed to dedicate a day to work at home! (like I kind of am today) I’ve started to write lists for the day of things I need to achieve, which I noticed had worked Monday but as soon as I stepped back into uni on Tuesday, it just feels like it completely overtakes my life despite my plans – though that week was a busy week and not regular anyway. From my magazine clippings I collaged what I thought would be a start to the scenes with the travelers. I did a drawing from one but I still felt like it’s not my strongest way of working, so I covered the images in guesso and then added colour using copic markers. The copics created some sort of weird resistance to the guesso and slightly altered the colour which was kind of cool! I then drew over the top of what I could see of the original collages, the images turned out so cool! You wouldn’t have believed that originally they were taken from magazines. I also added the carts for a bit more context.

Later on that day I also took some of my collages and decided to illustrate them into scenes digitally. Focusing on my flashback scene – a lot of the images I had managed to create were part of the “Rural Naturalism” movement, so like many traditional paintings they featured over dramatic people and look – out of context – quite horrifying. I found this quite difficult because I was trying to use texture but there’s a limit before it becomes over the top. I also found colour quite hard to use, I wanted something appropriate to the topics used in the scene but also appropriate to the dark nature of the kidnapping.


I really liked the textures on top of Greco’s men (the men in red) – I purposely made them this colour as well as un-identifiable to look a bit more threatening as well as evil. I liked the textures I also used on top of them, but I felt like the whites were a bit too vibrant? I wanted them to look like silhouettes but with something a little more. I’m not sure if next to the women as well they look a bit too much? I experimented a bit with the gradients of grey on the floor, I quite liked how the sky and “behind” floor were the same colour, but you could tell the sky was the sky by the trees and the appearance of the moon. I really wanted the moon to be a red shade in reference to the last season of AHS and the blood moon in Roanoke – something happens every Halloween on each series, so I thought the destroying of the travelers land would also take place on Halloween.

That Tuesday we had our first day in the workshop with Tim Webb. Tim makes animations an films, most of them really bizarre and highly uncomfortable to watch at times but they’re quite interesting. I really enjoyed this film Tim made for channel 4, which he worked with several people with Autism for in order to raise awareness for the condition. Things like this fascinate me in general, I like to think I have a great understanding of people because when my mum was alive she was teaching assistant at my school. The amount of characters she came across when working there helped her and me have a larger understanding of people in different circumstances. The train sequence here was drawn by a child Tim met, he could drawn trains really well and the whole scene was hand drawn whilst the child was standing in one place. He could easily imagine what the train would look like from another point of view! I wish my imagination was that vivid.

The workshop was a laugh anyway, we did some acting. I think the purpose of it was to understand how a scene works and how to portray emotion and storytelling without writing it out or sound – kind of like if you were to make a comic book, eventually you’d add speech bubbles but the images might be able to tell the story themselves. I also found it quite useful because Tim got us to draw out other peoples faces in other expressions, which I feel would help with this unit when drawing my characters.

That Wednesday I did another piece in my sketchbook based on my collages from Monday. This time I decided to take a different approach and use water colour to draw the blocks of colour first and then drawn the collage over the top. I really like how the water colours blended together and created depth. I tried to pair all the colours I used to one character with other colours that compliment in the colour wheel as well. I like the vibrancy of the travelers as I’m re-creating them, I think its a great representation and replicates the carts they live in – even though its probably a very cramped and lower quality of life then what I am used to you can’t say it would be boring anyway. I think when I start to illustrate my characters I might use water colour to draw them over the top of. The texture water colour creates is what I consider to be a “basic” texture, something that still has more character to it then flat colour but isn’t so over the top it distracts from more essentric textures. I have been flicking through Black Dog as an example, Dave uses more “basic” textures which I think can sometimes be more effective and dramatic, even against flat colour or negative space, there is an example below.

(The water colour image of the Travelers will be in my A3 sketchbook if I don’t end up putting it here. I don’t have a picture to hand just yet.)


Wednesday night I decided to go back to my digital illustration of the kidnapping scene. I usually put my work on Instagram in order to gain feedback from other people – a lot of our class are on there. I experimented with the filters again, just to see how it altered my image. Some of them make things stand out more and easier to read.

I quite liked Clarendon and how it made everything blue, It described night time to me more then grey did. So I went back and decided to change the colours using photoshop.

I decided to add a paper texture, another “basic” texture, to the floor to make it more interesting on the eye. I felt like it wouldn’t have mattered too much if there was more going on in the image but because of the nature of the scene and what collages I had planned for this scene it made more sense to me then having loads of blank colour. I also decided to change the colour of the travelers up and the men – using the Disney method of everything evil is green. I didn’t really like the Travelers being grey though. Although its a scene where their confidence is bashed I didn’t really like how the grey washed them out. I also wanted the make the moon a bit “bloodier”. I then took these to Instagram, playing around with the filters again. What I like about the filters is sometimes they change the colour of somethings which opens your eyes up to other schemes. What I also found impressive was the image looked pretty great in black and white too, which is what I intended for the flashback scene…. because its a flashback. I also thought it was a way more gritty colour scheme for a gritty scene – so its an option at least.

I went semi back to the colour scheme I did before after that, using the reds and the yellows. I dimmed out the whites on the men’s textures. The only change is the background textures and making it look more like nighttime. I think I have something that works now.


Then, just out of control on the vibes I was getting from this I illustrated the next panel too!



It’s interesting to see how a story develops!

That Thursday was our second day with Tim, in the morning he gave a lecture on his work. I like his way of making multimedia film. After we made storyboards based on our project, which I’m grateful for someone suggesting because I do think some of the class were struggling to see how this related to our unit. I was debating it myself, probably knowing I was going to Brussels last week as well didn’t help because it took a week off my time. I had a dispute with Tim over my ability to draw feet at one point, though he did help me with story telling and reading my storyboard. He suggested I add some more establishing shots which I’m going to do.

I was meant to complete the workshop with Tim on Friday, but my dad got taken into A&E very early in the morning so I missed it. It was an incredibly stressful weekend but I did manage to go to Brussels Monday.

The trip was pretty sick! On Tuesday I got to see my best friend Heloise and she showed me around Brussels as I had never been before. It was great to learn it’s history and see its most famous land marks. I saw the Manneken Pis, which was a lot smaller then I had imagined and everyone else said so too! But it was the highlight of my day because it’s something I didn’t expect to see ever. On Wednesday we went to Antwerp and spent the day in the Mas museum as well as spending forever finding food. Thursday was another day to ourselves, Will and I did go out for an explore but I think by then we were all too exhausted so I went to the hostel and had a nap. That evening we went to see the band Infinite Bisous though, which was an experience! I reeked of Cigarettes and almost got killed by a falling speaker but it was all good. We came home through Brugges on Friday, but weren’t really impressed and wanted to come home. It was a great trip, However I got no work done. I’m a very anxious person, I think a lot of my exhaustion came from trying to absorb my surroundings as well as not get hit by a million cars or trams.

Next week? Who knows… 3 weeks left though.

12/01/17 – Some things I missed out, as well as my first week back

The confusion of Christmas caused me to forget a massive chunk of stuff that happened! I’m only just putting the pieces together finding the work I never included.

During the last of my Wednesday workshops we learnt about animatics,¬† which before the workshop I only vaguely knew about. During our first lecture, which included Toy Story, John showed us an animatic of how Toy Story was first planned – where Woody is an utter arsehole! (I think I mentioned it before, I kind of loved arsehole Woody to be honest…) We used our drawings from the storyboarding workshop and turned them into an animatic:


I’m not sure if I mentioned possibly doing an animatic for the outcome of this unit last post? I thought that it’d give me the pleasure of an animation without the stress of after effects. However, Andy and Kat showed us this wicked animatic for Iron Man 3 which is SO overdone (I guess if you have the funds right?) but looks great and was probably animated a little in Ae. I think if I were to work on just separate images and then I can have the choice of turning it into an animatic and/or a comic book.

Also within our last week we did a workshop on animating, drawing from film. Our goal was to have a small bit of film look like the film ‘Mother’ by Cristopher Steger. I animated my band playing our first gig, it was a dark video but I kind of found that useful because it just meant there were shapes to copy. Steger’s film wasn’t life like or accurate, but the idea was to understand the movement captured within film. However, I lost my place in the film, so I ended up with 4 frames. Brad singing looked… slightly dodgy so I’ve decided not to upload it due to embarrassing him. My drawings will be included somewhere in assessment though. It would have been really cool to have a decent animation of us though because it could have been the start of a music video or something… you never know! I liked the process but it’d have to be appropriate for my mood, my focus levels and whatever else – if I didn’t feel like sitting down and mindlessly working enough to zone out then I probably wouldn’t enjoy it.

During my tutorial with John, the one where he showed me that odd film (A bunch of school kids came in as well when it got to the weird bit, it always happens. Nothing is ever going to stop art students looking like Satanist am I right?) he also suggested I look at Chris Ware. Ware’s stuff rocks, all of his comic strips just illustrate mundane life. I really like that his work doesn’t really mean much, but I also felt like it’s not really going to help in the sense of my storytelling. Yeah it’s clever because it makes a plot out of the simplest things but I need to be inspired by things similar to my own plot in order to understand how in context my story can develop. I’m interested in his work for the plot, but visually I find it not as sophisticated – it is for him but if I were to do the same cartoon-y style I’d probably feel immature. I don’t really want to get rid of my development and sophistication when it comes to texture and mess, even though cartoons would be a lot easier. I don’t feel like it compares well with the idea of AHS either – vintage comic book style maybe, but doing it in Ware’s style would be like illustrating the Manson Family in the style of Family Guy.

I also saw the 1975 in December! Their stage show is always so impressive! the lights are so beautiful, and their range of merchandise is also equally as amazing. Although I felt like some of their designs weren’t really them but along the same lines as what they have featured before, their aesthetic is there and I think that’s probably the most important thing when representing a band. They also used a range of textures on the stage (On screens), and the use of the 4 panelled screens (usually they’d have one that shows the whole of the rest of the arena the show¬†if you’re not on the floor, except this was split into 4) was really interesting. They also layered up the footage they were taking and it just completely overtook your senses.


Here’s my completed design of Darcy, along with my character design sheet for Fawnie too! I enjoyed drawing Fawnie a lot more, mainly because she had a lot more potential outfit wise – with her heritage she had room for unique features and accessories (Gypsy Women are commonly paired with head scarfs and coins) Sorting out her hair was my favourite bit about her though! I love drawing the long, curly locks. Her costume was a modern take on a traveller, I imagined she’d probably wear hand me downs from her family, and not really worry about clashes of patterns and colours. I also went for a more grunge approach, I wanted her to look quite tough as she was the spokes person for a group of travellers. She needs to look like she could defend her self. One of the most important bits to me as her character is her introduction, the first thing we see of her is her boot crashing down to the floor as she leaves her cart.

On our first day back, we all sat and discussed where we were currently at with the project. I don’t remember how it came about but John showed us some constructivism/Dada pieces and I felt like it would be¬†a good place to look for inspiration when doing my project.¬†Usually I’m not really a fan of the way lines and¬†sharp edges appear¬†in traditional collage, whereas in Photoshop I can kind of¬†blur edges and things and I make it a lot easier to work¬†with and add other things too. I felt like this would be something interesting to work with anyway, taking me a bit out of my comfort zone – I was sort of determined to work with it again after that workshop we did earlier on in the unit. Whilst going around the group we also discussed about the idea of not finishing things you don’t enjoy or not finishing things that you know aren’t going to be a part of the final outcome. It helps a little with time management and puts your goals and methods back into perspective. It also puts me at ease because I’m¬†worried that maybe later on I’m going to finds all the excess of character design¬†SO BORING.¬†Its not be awful so far because the characters I’ve designed have been interesting enough to me to keep interested. However, I guess as they’re the main two characters at the moment I don’t really need to worry about how the others look just yet. I’m pretty determined to start on the experimentation stuff now, especially as I’m in Brussels a week from now and next week we have workshops all week instead of studio time.

On Thursday we had what I think was our last lecture of this unit, we discussed things like The Heroes Journey by Joseph Campbell – something I studied briefly when doing my summer project on Star Wars as it was a huge influence to George Lucas. It’s weird because I understand the theories when I’m in a lecture but as soon as I leave I just sort of forget about it, luckily I take a lot of notes right? This weeks been quite difficult for me focus wise, and occasionally with my mental health. I think I partly have issues with the seasons, I’m not impressed with the snow this week! It makes me very stressed! But also I think we partly have to try and adapt when it comes to coming back after nearly 4 weeks away. I have the desire to work but my motivation Is slowly coming back, however my sleep schedule hasn’t been great – not to late nights or anything – just my body wont shut down to sleep. But I think I’m getting there anyway, I know some of the others have felt similar. Suddenly inspired by collage and just wanting to work, I stole (yeah, stole) a ton of old magazines from the studio and cut out images in order to start collaging. For some reason I wanted to work on the group of travellers, but I have no desire to draw them.¬†So under John’s influence of not doing what I don’t want to do,¬†I thought the best idea would be to collage them and just have them in the background. I spent pretty much the whole afternoon cutting out images and arranging them into groups so they were ready to work on later. For the travellers I focused on the old art magazines, a lot of old paintings show the farming community and horses and things that loosely relate to the subjects I’m looking at. Also what’s great about older art is it’s weird! American Horror Story has this bizarre, creative way of introducing horror – its really hard to describe unless you’ve seen it! But old art also has the same thing, particularly images relating to¬†the bible. I found a lot of images that I thought would go along well with that idea too. I separated¬†some images of statues to represent Darcy’s workers who are re-building the chapel at the beginning of the¬†scene. I felt like they were¬†bland in comparison to the travellers and that was¬†the¬†contrast I was¬†trying to show between Darcy and Fawnie. I had a point where I was worried about how old the travellers would look in comparison to the modern day era, of course in older paintings the fashion is accurate to that time period.¬†Then I realised that it probably didn’t matter, its not like they would have had the money to¬†worry about clothes or the desire to look modern¬†– their lives are all based around community and¬†family. I also thought it would be a nice nod to their heritage. I’m looking forward to getting on with the experiments.

In order to get my life back on track, I’m aiming to set daily goals each day in order to¬†start getting things done! Also trying to make¬†the most of my time before I’m away for a week. Hopefully I can also get¬†some work done there but I need to assess what¬†would be easier to take with me¬†and whatever else. I’m really looking forward to seeing another country though – and my best friend lives there too! So¬†I’m hoping I get to see her (she has exams and I guess it depends¬†on how far uni let me wander on my own) as well.






04/12/16 – American Horror Story…

Two weeks have flown by!

Last week we didn’t have any lessons prepared for us as John was in Amsterdam. That Tuesday we went on a (very cold) trip to Hastings! Not really for any reason, but we wouldn’t have done anything else so it was a laugh. We stood on the pier and took stupid selfies and things – it was nice to just spend some time as a class and see our friends in the graphics course as well.

The day after I had a sign up workshop in Aftereffects – it was just meant to be a bit or refresher as well as a chance to learn something new. It slightly annoys me how whenever I’m with a tutor Ae works to perfection but when I’m on my own it hates me. (I’ll put my sheets and final outcome for the workshop in whatever I present for the DYP unit. I don’t want to put the video on my youtube channel as it’s just a test and not as “professional” as my other videos)

Because John wasn’t around, Hugh booked our class a workshop in lazer cutting/Illustrator – unfortunately we couldn’t actually lazer cut because the guy wasn’t in. It was cool to play with Illustrator a bit though.

Throughout last week¬†John set us the task of¬†creating a 4 panel comic strip based on something we’d like to work on for this unit, as¬†well as an A1 image¬†of what we were working on. I¬†didn’t manage to have the time¬†for the A1¬†image but I did quickly collage a¬†comic strip,¬†At this point I¬†was still¬†looking to work with music (Spoilers, I think I’ve changed my mind). My strip implies that Oasis stole Wonderwall from somewhere else – based on the idea of taking something that hasn’t happened¬†and making it true.

Without really thinking, colour wise I was sort of inspired by Parkas and the kind of colours used in the style of Oasis members and fans. I remember my mum telling me when she went to go and see Beady Eye (Liam’s other band) that one of the things she loved about it was that everyone there was wearing the same kind of styles Liam wore when he was in Oasis in the 1990’s. Its probably just something in the back of my head.

I also used last week to get a couple of bits done for the band – we decided to sell merchandise at our show. I managed to get some sleeves for our demos done printed off at the print bureau – I spent most of the week cutting them out and sticking them together, putting them in sleeves along with business cards for myself as an artist and also the band. We had a bit of trouble with the business cards because our email got changed by the site we do our email with, along with the type on my business cards being too small. However, It was cool to see both lots in person, and seeing the different designs of mine made me realise I’d just rather use my Manson ones. We also got some T-Shirt’s silkscreened by a relative in the business! Its so surreal to see your art on a bands merchandise, even when it’s your own!


Last Tuesday we reviewed our panels and discussed where our project was at. A lot of us were loosely looking at things but weren’t really committing. We then spent the day doing a drawing workshop (and animation workshop but I was enjoying the drawing one more so I skipped it) using Gouache and whatever else we saw fit after it had dried. At that point in time I was really feeling just continuing on with the Manson project, so I created work about him. It was nice because I don’t often draw, so I really wanted to focus on a subject I enjoyed:

However, I felt like I wasn’t challenging a story to its full potential, I’d have the narrative handed to me with the autobiography and that wasn’t really allowing my imagination to stretch. I was looking forward to this unit because I am quite imaginative and know I can push some interesting stories out. So I started to look through some ideas on what I would do if I were to write/pitch another season of American Horror Story. In the beginning it was just sort of testing out an idea, I still have music to fall back on if I’d like too. I thought it would be a cool thing to try because I sort of have all the characters ready made, face wise anyway, because each season the cast is the same as the last. It was nice to think about what actors would play who once I had found a subject to research. The seasons really amaze me though because they’re so well researched and thought out, they’re historically accurate but also include main conventions of horror.

The subject I’m looking at right now is Romani Gypsies. Before the most recent season, AHS had kept the topic completely under wraps unlike previous seasons where they would tell us the topic. I found some fan ideas on what they hoped Roanoke would be, someone suggested Gypsies. I looking to find a group of people to¬†research about because most seasons are based on groups in history; for example we’ve had witches, the lost colony of Roanoke and patients in an asylum. I started looking at this and general Romani culture, knowing a little bit about it because of that programme My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding that used to be on. I then combined this with another season idea of a haunted theme park. So I now have a rough idea of place and characters. I then further researched abandoned theme parks, where I found out about this faith based park called “Holy Land”. It was a park around within the 60’s and 70’s, founded by a guy called John Greco. Greco created small replicas of biblical places using plywood, fibre glass and plaster. Greco then passed away and the land was given to some nuns, the land has now been sold just recently (2013) for 350 thousand. Awkwardly its got a horror back story already as a teen was murdered on the site in 2010. I love this already because it’s religious and you all know I love me some religion. But I do need to do some further research on the topics I’ve looked at. Once I’ve researched I’d love to get some drawings done.

Thursday we had another lecture, which I absolutely love because a lot of the things I learnt in GCSE media are coming back to me. That was nearly 4 years ago and how come I remember things like “Conventions of Horror” – why would I need to use that now?? … I mean clearly I need to use it now, but I didn’t think that would come back into my life at all. Its nice too because John’s engaging us in new ways so we actually understand visual theory this year!

I got my grade back for the last unit at some point last week as well, I’m very happy to say I got¬†a B in both parts of the unit! and I was 2-4 marks of an A¬†on each one!? That’s pretty insane.

Now I’m recovering from our¬†first ever gig on Friday night, soon I’ll¬†get right back to¬†researching and drawing! I’m really excited to look into this subject deeper.


20/11/16 – Authorial Narrative

So much has happened in such a short space of time!

At the end of last week, my boyfriend James (He’s also guitarist in our band!) and I were on the guest list (yeah, for real) for a record label launch in Camden. The label is called Roulette Media Records, and there were several bands on during the night. My idea was to print off some business cards for the event just in case I got talking to some people about my work. However, during hand in the day before the printers decided to entirely collapse on many of us and I couldn’t do it. Which is a shame! mainly because I had to hand in some of my work digitally, but also because of the event. However, whilst we were there we were sort of there pretty much for music matters, so maybe there was no place for it. Part of me wishes it had worked, but I know I’m also not that outgoing so maybe I just wouldn’t have mentioned it anyway. I know it’s going to have to be something I develop later on in my career. John introduced us to artist Kate Moross during the last unit, who has the career I’m pretty much dreaming of! She did work for artist as well as for MTV, and got her career by just talking to people on nights out and who she was¬†near in lines at gigs. I admire her, because I’m stupidly shy and a little socially awkward. Below are my current business card ideas:

Last week was busy and also not, we started our new unit Authorial Narrative. The basic jist is illustrate or animate a story which we have written, whether it be imagined or just a re-telling of something, to a professional level.

On Tuesday we were briefed as well as starting a small 3 day project called “re-think”. We were all given a topic at random, some people were getting really intellectual theories, some people were getting scientists and philosophers. Me? I got “Torture”. Which, yeah could be pretty interesting – my idea of torture is like medieval chambers or dunking witches in lakes. However, we then received information about what our topics were. My small bit of information said something about Nazi’s and Isis. I’m D O N E with this Isis stuff, it’s depressing and not really a topic I want to look into too heavily. Trying to absorb the briefing I sort of just ignored the¬†rest of¬†the info¬†as well, which makes me dismissive I know but I just wanted to work on what my perception of Torture was. I think sometimes when you’re given a tough brief, or fake brief in our case, its good to kind of¬†roll with what you have¬†in your head because then it keeps you interested as well as allowing you to explore a bit more and come up with new leads. I did quite like what I was doing¬†towards¬†the end, but I’ll go into that in a sec.¬†¬†Later that day we were all given a huge sheet of paper and were told to sort of mind map what we had further researched. Here’s my mind map: 15036669_1222884851081785_1128254423664779748_n

The next part of the project was to create an A1 image¬†or 10 second animation based on our topic. Whilst doing the mind map I had confessed to John I didn’t really enjoy looking at this topic (He did offer to have me change, but 1. I wasn’t too interested in them either and 2. I’d already gotten into some sort of flow with Torture) and he said to me that sometimes you just have to churn something out, or you have the right to refuse the job if you like. He put it into the perspective of “If the Torture Museum had hired you to make posters for them what would you do?”. I thought what would be so nice is to create a series of short motion posters as advertisement using AfterEffects … HOWEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED. You’re right, it failed on me. Remind me, what did I say last week? I’m never going to use Ae again and I tried and I remembered I’m an idiot. All the files were right though and everything but this time it refused to let me animate more then 2 fames? Also¬†all the files messed up and¬†came up as the¬†same file? I’m¬†not sure if I just over wrote one of them or whatever but I¬†was just losing my mind. I gave in and just printed my images out onto A3 paper. I quite like them actually! I feel so much more comfortable when in Photoshop. I also thought it was weird how I’d kept the same colour scheme as my mind map – sort of anyway with the oranges and yellows. The first one was sort of a replication of my mind map in collage. The second was my take on what Torture was, focusing on Witch Trials. and the third was more of a general idea of torture and showing different examples.¬†They look pretty cool! I’ve had comments saying they’re some of the most striking images I’ve done:

On Wednesday, whilst completing these pieces I was speaking to Phil about what I was thinking of doing for this unit. I’d really like to do something based on a personality, icon or celebrity. Something autobiographical and something I’m good at working with and know I’ll enjoy. Preferably I want to work with a female, because I enjoy drawing women more as well as I find it a lot easier to modify/stylise women (eg. like on the sims I found it way more fun to make women sims because their clothes were a lot more interesting then the men’s) OR I’d enjoy working with a male who is creative or eccentric – much like Manson, because he has an artistic flare/aesthetic which I enjoy working with too. I’m not going to limit myself to a celebrity, but¬†ideally I’d want¬†it to be based on¬†a musician or band,¬† but¬†I’d also be into models, artists or directors maybe? Oddly I’d like the person or person’s I’m looking at to be dead, not to sound grim but then the story already has a conclusion. I’d also accept bands who have either stopped touring or have split up because that’s kind of a conclusion. Some people I’ve thought about are: Oasis/Liam and Noel Gallaher (It’s for personal reasons tho), Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, John Lennon/The Beatles¬†etc. Phil said it’d¬†be super cool to¬†make the Gallaher’s into a biblical thing sort of like Cain and Able because they fight all the time. Already I’m inspired by Dave McKean again, mainly because I brought a copy of Arkham Asylum and I really enjoy the textured comic book look. I’d just like to experiment with a comic but make it a bit unconventional and different like I feel he does. Some other idea’s I’ve come up with are to work with a time period or event in history, I could fabricate the story – much like I would if I were to work with a celebrity. I’d like to do some sort of re-telling of a well known story and make it alternative. Or I’d like to make a story inspired by song lyrics or a poem.

On Thursday morning we had our first lecture for this unit, where we looked at the methods of story telling in like everything that ever existed. For example, how to grip the reader to your story using dramatic irony or a dangling cause. We watched parts of Toy Story to see these methods in action. We also watched this really cool extra where they explained the first demo of Toy Story was terrible and Woody was a complete arsehole. I quite liked it, maybe because I’m a total monster but also because it was different to what we already knew. Still kind of rolling with the Strange and Familiar themes here aha!

Finally, on Friday I was waiting around for James in town and I came across this book about Nirvana¬†– who are one of my favourite bands of all time and Kurt Cobain is my hero. The book is called Treasures¬† of Nirvana by Gillian G Gaar. I grew up drawing Kurt and Courtney so I don’t think I’d like to work on a re-telling of the existence of the two, or the bands, or anything like that because I’ve done it before; also their whole lives are set out for them within common media as well and I just think everyone and their mother knows what happened to Kurt Cobain. The book contains the story of Nirvana as well as these little pouches with replicas of tickets and tour posters/memorabilia. It reminded me of Marille Fuchon again, in where it uses objects and memorabilia to illustrate or further explain something. Which I thought would be a pretty neat way of telling a story. I also thought it would be so beneficial for the DYP unit because its an example of legit tickets and posters around in a specific time period. From here I came up with the idea that I could try and make up a band, sort of like the Gorillaz, and make a whole life for them and everything – but have it be inspired by stories that have already existed in other bands. I thought it’d be nice to take iconic imagery, eg Abbey Road, and turn it into my own non-existant band. I think for this I’d have to work to a time period maybe, because although I’m making something up from scratch It might be hard for me to not turn it into my own band. What’s great about being the bassist for Aylith’s is it makes the art easy for me because I understand our motives and cores as well was what we’re interested in. This band wont exist so 1. I’m not in the band, even though I’ve made it up I don’t know what my characters like or are as a unit. 2. It’ll be hard to not transfer it into Aylith’s¬†with the colour schemes and Aesthetic. I’ve already sort of thought about doing an 80’s techno band but I think maybe that may be too similar with the ideas of neon. However I don’t know a lot about the 80’s and what was around music wise¬†in the 80’s so maybe¬†neon is just a stereotype?


For now I’m just working on stuff¬†for Aylith’s, getting together some business cards, demo CD’s and whatever all ready for our gig on December¬†2nd! Yesterday James and I went out and gave posters to people to put in shops in Whitstable (Sorry for the awful quality I’ll try and get some others later): 15134539_1226581844045419_4289427039439859894_n

John’s away in Amsterdam next week with the Foundation students but he’s given us a small brief. The idea is to create another A1 image based on our ideas we’re having, as well as create a 4 Panel comic strip (I can’t remember off the top of my head but it needs to be done a certain way, like the style of the image. Mono… something? or something else??) for our ideas available for discussion next week.