07/05/18 – Video Completion

I’m really proud to announce that I’ve completed what can be a final version of the music video for hand in, It’s taken 15 weeks! I can’t quite believe I managed to complete nearly 5 minutes of footage.

What I love about it is pretty much it’s existence, I’ve struggled with animation in previous projects – mainly due to technological issues – but this time I managed to work out something that worked for me and it paid off! I’ve also learnt so much during this project, like how to rotoscope, which has been the saving grace of this video! I’ve also learnt how to use effects in After Effects as well as create new background imagery through video I’d already made, how to import an PNG image sequence in order to compose layers into premiere and how to animate using Photoshop in general! I also think the colour scheme is something that’s unique about my video. I always made sure the flow of video was consistent by making sure the layers lead into a background colour change well, as well as highlighted certain bits of footage. Although I had the aim to have it look like various animators work (eg. Ruffmercy, Marzyk and Morcieau) it looks like a variation of those things – just by me. I’m happy to have created a personal brand through this and cant wait to see how this can develop into other projects in the future.

I’d like to carry on layering and tweaking the video, I feel like as I am on a time limit to hand in tomorrow – I didn’t want to keep coming up with things to layer over the found footage because it seemed half arsed to me, and not as effective and it was singularly. I’m planning on having a final edit, with a bit more added onto it to be released this coming Friday. Yesterday I did an advert for it, with the music videos release date, using some of the imagery I created from my existing edits in After Effects.

I think in the future I want to come up with an obvious plot line before I start animating. I don’t really want to do storyboards again, just have a clear idea so when I start making/editing so I’m not doing it on the spot. The boys say it comes across right well, the main characters scenario gets worse and worse but I’m still wondering whether it’s obvious enough or not.

As suggested in tutorials, I have re-done the TV bit in the breakdown, and made it a bit more chaotic. As I mentioned before, I have added some animation over the found footage but I’d like to add more before the release date. I suppose this project could go on forever as I could just keep layering – but I think soon is the time to stop!

Below is the final video:


Below is also a link to my other blog, where I have some visual references. Sorry it’s a tumblr account, I’ve only just re-discovered this and started using it again!


25/04/18 – Previews, marketing and 2 weeks to go.

Not a lot to update on, I’ve just been trying to fill out the gaps in this video now. Rotoscope seems to work the best, but I’m loving playing with ideas no matter how big or small – when I come up with them anyway!

We’ve been given all go to perform at the graduation show as well! So now promotion is key, we’re going to treat it as if it’s a real show. I can’t wait!

07/04/18 – Breakdown Full and Final Edit

Just in the nick of time to have it done by my deadline of the end of the week!

I began struggling to think of imagery to put in a gap between the middle of the screams and the end of breakdown (Approx where the footage of the woman kidding the two men in the car is and the footage of my first rotoscope.) Happy to have been able to do some quick rotoscopes to fill in the gap, efficiently created by extending the frame rate in Photoshop – I’m surprised they still move quite swift.

Next to place all of the completed parts into premiere in the correct place and then to fill in the gaps. The reason why this took so long is because I was accidentally making imagery for other parts of the song – either because I thought they would be fitting to the music or because I had ideas I didn’t want to forget using images from my sketchbook.

Feeling optimistic!

03/04/18 – Breakdown Edit: First Half

Here’s the first half of my edit for the breakdown. I think the method I’m working to is a good tactic, I’m editing what I have together and then making quick imagery/animations to fill in the gaps, relevant to the imagery. I’m enjoying doing this because I’ve started to venture back into Ae, as much as it’s permitting me, in order to animate small things. Eg. the Rosary swinging, pans on still images. I’m also experimenting with the pre-set effects such as “Broken TV Effect” (shown in the background just after the girl and the devil, used on an image of Baphomet.) Playing a bit more with layering video and imagery too, allowing things to either be abrupt or lead on from one another nicely. I’m so proud of this, I think if I want to add more it’s just a small amount of tweaking to go

I need a stiff drink for reals.

31/03/18 – 01/04/18 – Updates

I started to write this yesterday and now it’s Easter and I don’t know what happened or where my train of thought is.

I left the ending there for now, I will probably revise it later on but I think as so much comes before it it’ll be hard to edit that all together until I have something come before it. It’s somewhat done at least!

Now I’m working on the breakdown. In my opinion it’s the most important bit of the song. It runs for about a minute but in my head, as the music plays, so much happens visually so it’s really important to me to get this right! It’s going well so far, I’m finding it a bit hard to fill the gaps with something other then found footage right now. I’m using the idea of still imagery a bit. So I’ll create quick compositions based on my drawings from my sketchbook and then just pan them using Ae and then put that into the video. It’s weird because just this morning, I woke up to Netflix running it’s sort of “screen saver” mode and a lot of that has the same idea behind it. They probably use the 3D tool in Ae, put the characters on top of the backgrounds and make them move at different rates to make it look like it’s panning in a circular movement. Below is an example of one of my still images. A statue of Mary in an urban surrounding is a bit bizarre but it’ll do for now.

Mary Crying

Also I was really stupid and didn’t make up any religious images so I’m taking them from another project. I do a lot of religious imagery in fact (not sure if I’ve mentioned it’s my thing before? 🤣) so I can probably just take it all…

Currently, found footage for the breakdown includes: footage from Jonestown (Boys like it as a representation of religion, as Jones was tweaked), the film L’inferno, The trailer for The Manson Family and various compilations of vintage horror films from Youtube. My boyfriend helped me out with some of the searching, as he’s int he band too it’s nice to have his input. Whilst he was looking he noted that it was really similar to a music video by our favourite band – The Used.

The similarities between their video and ours is the use of found footage (obvs) but also the layering of textures and the way the small clips reveal a narrative. On top of this, you could also compare my video to Rage’s ‘Bulls On Parade’:

The irony is, this was Aylith’s first cover! We’ve only just stopped including it in our set recently after playing it for over a year 😂 I believe the video is also traditional rotoscope – so they printed off the frames and drew onto them or should I say drew on top of film? Probably? Yeah. Throughout the breakdown I’m also doing a lot of the same, just digitally.

We decided today would be the day we announce the video is coming, it makes everything more real! I can’t back out now 😂

DM Announcement 1

I have little to show of the breakdown thus far, I could export clips of it but that’s effort I don’t really need to do. I can show you once it’s all edited together. However, I have this short clip I created. Annoyingly, it was meant to be the introduction to our main characters interest in Satanism, but it only fits in after the actual “evil” bit of the breakdown in terms of the music. I’m just going to see how it goes for now but it works where it is, and as long as theirs something to look at I guess it doesn’t matter.


Instagram kills the quiality, ugh.

23/03/18 – Intro final edit

I went with using entirely film for the intro of my music video. I felt like it sets the scene really well and starts to introduce the viewer to the “narrative”. I played around with the speed of the footage and used a adjustment layer to add colour to black and white. The animated footage at the end still needs a bit of tweaking but I think it flows on really well.

I’m still building a loose narrative in my head, I think the overall jist is that the stripper is going to fall in love with a regular, which is forbidden in the industry,  and she’ll get pregnant. I always had the intention of the end being some kind of termination of a baby because of the lyrics (I drew a wicked fetus the other day for another project so I think I’ll use that.). Along the way she’ll use drugs and turn to satanism or something in order to cope with her difficult relationship and the way it effects her difficult job.

I’m really proud because I’ve probably got a minute of footage now (Not above but over all) – UNFORTUNATELY, I’ve found out the song is pretty much 5 minutes long. So… help.


21/03/18 – A test intro

A short test of my intro, with the introduction of using found footage and sounds too. I think as I’m watching this I’d like to keep the into fairly footage based and then add the animation as Brad’s voice comes in. I’d also like to animate some really really short Rotoscopes of us to just layer over the top of other animations/footage.


SO after all the issues last week, I’ve been told I can’t have more RAM added to my surface pro because it’s “soldered together” – pretty lame if you ask me for 2 grand worth of laptop. Considering it’s also advertised as a creative computer, yet the guy in the shop said it’s more for “surfing the web whilst in transport”.

I swiped the entire laptop and now all I have is Adobe, it’s a nightmare.

Anyway, progress has been happening! Below I’ve done a show reel of all the animations/gifs/clips I’ve done so far. I touch a bit on it within the captions in the video, but I’m struggling with timing whilst using Photoshop to animate. I think I’m going to double my frames like we do with dragon (Photoshop is like using dragon but without a camera) so it makes my clips flow better and are actually visible instead of being the speed of light.

As of today I also started to storyboard in my own weird way. I decided instead of story boarding and then animating, I’d animated and keep a log of all the clips on small bits of paper – and then I’ll stick them using masking tape to a sheet of paper in any order. Later on, when I have enough to fill the paper thats A1 in size, I can organise them into the order they’ll be when I edit the final video. Its really useful because I can see it all visually as well as make notes onto them and decide whether I want to animate them again etc etc.

Now I need to re-animate but also sort out my timing issue. I have group tutorials tomorrow, I might be able to get some assistance.